Email Marketing for Online Retail: An Innovative Service


The online retail industry is burgeoning like never before, primarily due to the fact that the consumers have increased confidence in the practice of purchasing goods via the internet. However, this was not always the case, as with the inception of such a provision some 6-8 years back, came many cases of malpractices, which did its bit in tarnishing the image of many seemingly reputed websites, and eroding consumer confidence to a great extent. However, fortunately, the same has now changed. But the challenge of reaching out to the end user still exists in this domain, just like any other. In this regard, email marketing for online retail is a specialized domain, and services regarding the same are being offered by a select few companies, to assist brands in generating revenues on a regular basis.

Basically, the reason why email marketing for online retail is different from regular email marketing is because of the fact that there are many aspects related to an ecommerce model that are not present in other kinds of businesses. For instance, giving constant updates to consumers about the status of their orders,i.e., transactional messaging, is a key ingredient of effective email marketing. This is certainly not important for any other domain where upfront transactions do not exist. Also, there are a considerable amount of nuances in the entire process, one of them being finding the kind of design would showcase the products in the best manner, since on a very basic level, email marketing for online retail is all about generating sales. So, the communication needs to be primarily focused towards highlighting products, special offers, etc., so as to generate sales for the business. Hence, only companies specializing in this domain should be trusted with the responsibility of designing and executing email campaigns.

The onus is upon us to deliver success that is quantifiable within the designated time frames. Not only is this the imperative requirement of good business ethics, but it also goes a long way in developing relationships that last.we believe in the latter!Unlike many of our contemporaries, we are extremely averse to the concept of ‘universal’ and ‘one size fits all’ approach. Email marketing for online retail the basis of our existence and repute is the fact that we treat each client as a distinct entity, and offer solutions specific to their industry and demands. The result – highly targeted and segmented campaigns that attract consumers and drive exponential revenues!

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