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Is your practice using email marketing to connect with patients? If not, then you probably are missing something valuable. Email has fast become one of the proverbial methods of communication used around the world. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says, “Email technology is dead as a dodo.” However, result of a recent study shows otherwise. A whopping 77% people feel email is the best way to convey your message. Looks like Mark Zuckerberg needs to be more informed. Meanwhile, in the limelight of medical practice marketing, email is the shortlisted method to attract patients. Healthcare email marketing services can easily take advantage in this internet savvy era.

As a medical practitioner, there are certain things you have to watch out prior to email marketing. First, the message you want to convey i.e. the content of the email. Second, the frequency in which you send out emails. You need not to bombard emails every week to the clients. It will only increase your opt-out rates, if you go otherwise.

As far as content goes, short and simple messages help in making a quick impact.

They are readable and a reader doesn’t have to waste time in interpreting your message. Make sure you do not dish out a winded and artistic copy, as it will not be effective. Divide the content into smaller paragraphs. Follow the readability guidelines and restrict your paragraph to six lines.

Subheadings are a great way to say more with limited space and helpful with skimmers. Subheading should be such that with just a glance, a reader is able to catch your drift.

Always keep in mind that any offer you provide should not be overly promotional. These minuscule things affect the temperament of the reader. Remember- it takes seconds for a reader to shift his inbox emails to trash. You don’t want that. To avoid that, offer insight and facts that add value to your contacts. Moreover, attach before and after images of your previous clients. Besides presenting a positive image, it shows your talent and skills as a medical professional.

When sending out an email, make sure it possesses call to action. At the beginning or the end, advise people how they can take advantage of your services. Include a link to your website, social media profile and articles. Highlight your practice’s contact number as well.

When everything falls in place, be sure to know how effective each email was. You have to ensure clients are reading your email rather than moving it to the trash.

These are simple tips how email marketing can prove beneficial for healthcare professionals. Positive results will come, only when you are mindful of the basics.

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