Email Marketing for Bands and Musicians


Are you a singer or band looking to build your fan base? Have you considered adding email marketing to your promotions?

Email marketing for bands and musicians can be a great way to build and keep in touch with your fan base.

And when it comes to success in the world of entertainment, building and keeping your fan base is everything!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg for expensive promotional campaigns. In fact, email marketing has an outstanding delivery and response rate and can cost pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional direct marketing.

Once your email list is started, you can announce bookings, cd release parties, sell merchandise, and promote special events with the click of your mouse button.

If you pick up a last minute booking, a quick email blast to your local fan base can fill the venue quickly with loyal fans (also known as “customers”).

So if you want to fill your email subscriber lists with rabid loyal fans and followers, here are a few tips you can use to get things started:

  1. If your band has a web site or blog, add a subscription form where it is easily seen by your visitors. Include a message such as “Join Our List To Stay In Touch” so that visitors know they can expect to hear from you by subscribing to your email marketing list. (If you don’t have a web site click here to get one for about $7 per month.)
  2. Print out a sign-up sheet and put it next to your tip jar and/or next to your merchandise. Use a sign that says something like “Want To Know Where We’re Playing Next? Join Our Email List!”. Have your fans fill out the form with their name and email address. You can type them in to your contact manager the next day. If you travel doing regional, national, or international shows, be sure to get their geographical information, as well.
  3. During your performance, when appropriate such as between sets, invite your fans to drop a business card in along with their tips and let them know you will be adding them to your list for email updates.
  4. As you’re talking with booking agents, club owners, venue managers, etc… ask them for a card and ask if it would be alright for you to add them to your email list for periodic updates.

By building your email list of rabid fans, supporters, and followers, you can let them know when you will be performing in their area, when you have a CD coming out, promote special events, etc… all at the click of a button from any computer.

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