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Accountants don’t have to do much to lure clientele in the late winter and early spring, but how do they retain that business the remainder of the year and lay the foundation for building new relationships come tax day next year? Email marketing for accountants is the answer!

The best part about accountants and email marketing is how easy and inexpensive such a campaign is to set up and maintain. Most accountant firms are “Mom and Pop” operations in which budgets are lean and a profit margin thin. The email marketing software is affordable for anyone and can be implemented and managed by anyone with even a modicum of computer knowledge. There is no need to hire additional staff for accountants to manage an email marketing campaign.

In addition, email marketing for accountants is the best and most direct way for accounting professionals to advertise themselves to clients old and new. Most accountants don’t have the money to buy ads on television or radio and the formerly reliable newspaper has shrinking ad space as well as zero guarantee the message will reach the target audience. And another standby of decades gone by, bulk mail, was an ineffective option immediately discarded by recipients long before the United States Postal Service’s cutbacks threatened to hasten bulk mail’s demise.

But an email is delivered directly to-and can’t be missed by-the accountant’s client or potential client. The software also allows for personalization of not only the message but the subject line, which makes it even more likely that the recipient will open and read it.

Email marketing for accountants is also a great way for accountants to stay in touch with their client base while simultaneously building it. While most people leave filing their taxes to the very last minute, accountants know that it’s imperative to pay close attention to tax laws and tax news that may impact their clients year-round. An accountant’s email marketing program is one way for tax professionals to gently coax their patrons into taking a more “hands-on” and proactive role with their taxes. Accountants can send messages on a regular basis-every four or six weeks-to both promote the firm and deliver news blurbs relevant to the average taxpayer.

In addition, the software necessary for accountants to conduct this makes it very easy for those who receive the messages to forward them on to family and friends. So if a client finds the emails informative and helpful and knows of someone seeking an accountant, he or she can forward it along and very likely create new business for the accountant. Think of it as the modern version of word of mouth-and think of accountants and email marketing as a perfect match, for the accountants as well as the people whom they serve!

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