Email Marketing Etiquette – Why You Should Always Use Plain Text in Your Email


If ever there was a sure-shot means of getting the attention of the target audience, it is via affordable email marketing services, since they ensure undivided attention on the part of the viewer at which the campaign is targeted, much to the delight of businesses!The internet has indeed been a great boost to business across industry verticals, irrespective of their size and nature of operation. This is mainly because consumers and clients alike can instantly get access to a wide variety of choices regarding the product or service they want to avail. Brands, on the other hand, can effectively market themselves on this veritable melting pot of opportunities, using innovative methods, affordable email marketing services being one of the many, but certainly the most effective one.

It is fairly certain that a sizeable majority of the population that forms part of the target audience on a broad perspective uses the internet, which further translates to the fact that almost every one among these users has an email account. The result – tremendous scope for gaining traction via affordable email marketing services, which get a brand as close to the consumer or client, as possible! This is mainly because of the fact that one may not always view television commercials or print advertisements. To a certain extent, radio provides better reach, but even that has its own limitations in terms of the window of access, i.e., the amount of time one spends listening to the radio, and then there are always the different channels which can certainly be an impediment in getting the message across. However, in case of email marketing, none of these exist, and getting undivided attention of the end user or client is as easy a task as can be.That being said, the choices one has when it comes to availing affordable email marketing services, are many. However, the most important factor to be considered is that the service provider must be able to get the message across to the inbox, since the filtration system of email service providers (like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.) has advanced considerably over the years. Hence, one should only go for email marketing service providers that have a fantastic deliverability infrastructure. Otherwise, the whole exercise may be futile..

Basically, companies that offer email campaign solutions are not only proficient in ensuring that the email message is delivered to the right database, they also offer e-mailer designing services, and employ tactics so that the message gets delivered to the inbox, despite the stringent guidelines of email service providers. All this absolutely makes outsourcing the email messaging requirements all the more sense. However, of the many options one may have, the most important factor to keep in mind is that the company’s credentials must be thoroughly verified. Ditto for the infrastructural capabilities, since both these combined make way for a sound platform for email marketing.

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