Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts


Email marketing is very popular. In fact, prospects often chose email as the preferred method of contact when dealing with a business entity. However, if email is not used properly it could alienate a prospect from a company. Keep in mind the following dos and don’ts of email marketing.

There are definite things that you want to do when you are marketing by email. These email marketing dos are often what makes the difference between email marketers that succeed and email marketers that fail.

Primarily, always make sure that each person that you send a marketing email to has opted into your email list. Spam laws are very strict.

Secondly, always make sure that your marketing email is formatted properly. A marketing email should have four major parts. The first part of a marketing email is a heading. The heading is the first thing the prospect sees so you want it to catch attention. “How to,” “Check this out… , “and “7 best ways to… ” are all great attention getters. The second part of a marketing email is a short introduction that will generate interest. Hone into something that your ideal prospect would agree needs fixing. Examples are “Sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in a day” or “Wouldn’t you like to have more time to spend with your family and friends?” The third part of a marketing email is a list of the benefits of using your product or service. For example, the list of benefits for a home based business opportunity might include 1. You can replace your full time income while working for yourself, 2. This opportunity will cut your working hours in half so you can spend more time with your family, etc. The final part of a marketing email should include the call to action. The following are examples of a call to action: “Click on this link for more information” or “Call today.”

Thirdly, always make sure that your marketing email appears the same way that an email to a friend would appear. Quite frankly, people actually hate marketers. They really don’t want another marketing email delivered to their inbox. They do, however, like personal friends. So make your email personable. Don’t address your email to a group. Addressing your email to a group makes the email appear like it is part of a mass marketing campaign.

These simple email dos are easy to follow. There is no doubt that your email marketing results will improve if you follow these simple dos. Now it’s time to discuss the email don’ts. Doing any one of these email sins can alienate you from the prospects on your list.

First, never use carbon copy (cc) when emailing to a list. When you cc a list, everyone on that list gets to see the email addresses of the others. This is definitely a way to get some of the prospects on your list angry with you. Also, when you cc a list you introduce your list to other marketers who might then try to sell to members of your list. Use blind carbon copy (bcc). This protects the identity of the people on your list.

Secondly, don’t send links to people who do not ask for them. Use email to build rapport with the prospect first. Engage the prospect and get the prospect to ask you if they can see the link.

Thirdly, don’t use marketing hype. Make sure your emails are professional looking. Stay away from using big bold letters and loud colors. Your marketing will dictate the type of person you attract.

Contacting and staying in touch with your lists of customers and prospects can be easily done by email. However, in order to have a successful email experience with your list you have to follow simple marketing email rules. Hopefully, this article has properly outlined some of the dos and don’ts of email marketing.

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