Email Marketing: Don’t Forget To Tell Your Prospects to “Call to Action”


Besides to get your prospects to open your email you should follow up and tell them exactly what you what them to do.

Your reader would have gotten attracted by your headline in your email. They found creditability and benefits of what is in store for them upfront and are eager to find out more by reading your email.

Now, your headline should be self-explanatory and you do not have to drag your message in the body of your email to a lengthy letter. Keep your contents short and simple. People are an impatient lot and they want to find out what you have promised in your headline straight away. Don’t keep your reader in suspense and have them to labour through half a page before you made your point.

Get to the point in your opening paragraph and highlight your benefits of your product or service in bold print. Most people would not be reading your whole text but are only scanning through to find out what is interesting to them. You’ve got only a few seconds to get their attention.

Your job in your email marketing is to create continuous awareness and interest of what you have to offer. That’s why you have a series of emails all line up in your autoresponder to remind your readers who you are and what is the purpose of your emails. If your readers are from your opt-in lists you should not stop selling to them.

But due to the short attention span of your readers you should leave your selling in your website or sales page. Then what should you do in order to bring them to your selling page? You have to tell your prospect to take the next step and take the next action.

In order to do that, you have to tell your prospect to click on to your link to your site. Your “Call to Action” message has to evoke curiosity and a promise of your benefits.

“Get a free copy of our How to…”

“Here’s the link…”

You’d take the pressure off when you are not selling in your emails. First of all, your emails do not have full details to explain of your product and services you have to offer. Remember people do not like to be sold. Give yourself a chance for them to come to your site where you can give a proper presentation than the limited time and space you can garnered in your email.

Your email is your service provider and your twenty-four hour PR. It runs around delivering messages to your prospects and asking them to go to your sales page. You have to tell them to click on to your link-almost as much as three or four time in a single email. Don’t assume your reader would know what to do.

Provide imbedding command in your “Call to Action” message:

“Click here to learn more…”

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