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If you hadn’t heard it before, I will tell you it now. If you want to make money with your own online business, you will need to build a list. An email list is absolutely vital to your success as an internet business owner. This is one of the most reliable ways to make money online.

If you do list building for a number of years… eventually you will build up a list of around 50,000 to 100,000 leads. Now each one of these leads is worth something to you. You will soon find out later on down the line that each new subscriber will be worth a monetary value to you. So every lead that you get could be worth 25 cents to you. If you follow up on this lead after they buy from you the first time, you can easily recoup this investment by selling them a backend product.

So as your online business matures, you will start to understand that each new customer that you get has an “average lifetime value” attached to them. This means that over the lifetime that a customer spends with you, they will have bought so many products and services from you that you will be able to determine what the average customer is worth to you.

So if the average lifetime value of a customer in your business is $500… losing $50 on each initial in minuscule. You’ll recoup that small loss quickly down the line. So do the math in your business to see how much you can afford to lose on each new customer that you get.

All of this thinking stems from building a large email list. Now depending on your product and the price of it… you may want to test leading people straight to your sales letter page. Send about 500 targeted people to your sales letter page, and send 500 targeted people to your squeeze page. Whichever one produces that most sales is the one that you should roll with.

So get testing right away. If your product is under $40, my guess is that leading folks to your sales letter page will get you more sales. If your product is $100 and above, you will definitely get more sales from driving people to your squeeze page. Hopefully you have something worthwhile to offer your customers.

Keep marketing and eventually you will see the sales and profits that you are striving for in your business. As each year passes, your list will build, the more money you will make, and the more traffic you will get. This is where patience comes into play. But persist and you will see your internet dreams come true.

Generating leads is a great way to boost your sales and to experience breakthroughs in your internet business. I’ve been marketing to my list for years now and I can tell you that list building and opt-in email marketing works… especially when marketing to backend customers. They buy more.

Take these tips and use them in your online business today. You’re sure to benefit from them.

Good luck with using generating leads to boost your online sales and profits simply and easily.

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