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In this article you are going to discover the blueprint of doing email marketing. Actually, selling things in email is very effective. If you are doing it right, money will come in a short period of time just by sending an email. However, most business owners are doing it wrong. It is mainly because they are solely focus on “selling” to their email subscribers. Unless you always have “deals of the day”, chances are people may already feel tired to response to your email offer. Therefore here you will find out how to do email marketing correctly, starting from collecting contact information to converting them to customers.

Getting People To Subscribe

The first step of doing email marketing is to collect visitors’ contact information. If you are doing business online, that will be name and email address. Otherwise you may want to get more information like phone number and postal address. Assume that you are doing business online, you need to setup a page, which is called “landing page”, that people will visit when they reach your website first. And in the landing page, there is only one action a visitor should consider to do it or not: either providing contact information or leave, nothing else.

If you want to increase the number of subscription, you may want to include your opt-in form in all your webpages. So if people come to your website other than landing page, they still have an opportunity to subscribe your newsletter and get your free offer.

If you want to increase the response rate, or click-through rate, of your page, using video to present your offer may be a good solution. It is already proofed by numerous marketers that video converts better than plain text. So you are suggested to convert your sales letter to a video to get maximum return.

Building Relationship With Subscribers

Only a very few amount of people will buy from a website if it is the first time they reach a website. Therefore, it becomes very important to follow up with those subscribers and finds out what they want. To establish a good relationship, first of all you send them an email and thanks them about jumping into your free offer. Then you can send a series of newsletter that contains high quality content that can help subscribers to move one step closer to their final objective. It is suggested to send one email per day for 7 days, to get the best response.

Convert them to customers

Let’s go back to landing page for a second. The quality of your customers depends heavily on what kind of offer you are using to build your email list. For example, if you are using a discount coupon to build your list, people who subscribe are the one who are interested in buying stuff at the low price. That means if you are selling your product at a normal price with lots of features, your list may not response to it very well. While using a discount coupon is a good way to build your list, your offer should be able to solve the biggest problem your customers are facing in your target market right now, and offer it for free in exchange of visitor’s contact information.

The next step is to follow up with them in your 7 emails in 7 days campaign. The main objective is to focus on providing useful content for subscribers and move them closer to their final goal. You should think in this way: if you do not want to receive sales email every day, your customers feel the same as you. While selling stuff through email is OK, only focus on selling stuff in every email could be a problem.

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