Email Marketing – Better First Time Experience for Virgins to Social Media


It’s easy to get sucked into believing that social media is where a business needs to sink marketing dollars. Social media consultants exude confidence that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the way to connect to people looking for what you have to offer. If you are just now getting involved with online marketing, or wondering where best to allocate limited marketing dollars, there’s a tool that provides long-term benefit and provides a means to test and review marketing efforts. Email marketing is the ideal method for connecting with new business and for developing a long-lasting relationship with new and existing customers.

Email Marketing for Beginners

One of the most frequently forgotten rules of marketing is to use never forget who the audience is and then choose the right tool for that audience. While Facebook may be used by millions, if your market chooses not to use Facebook, putting any money into marketing on Facebook is frivolous. The same argument goes for most other social media tools. The exception might be using a content management system for your website and then keeping it updated with timely and relevant posts to a blog. You definitely need a website in place first, before the other social media venues.

That said, you may eventually want to use Facebook, but having a strong email marketing system in place is the best place to start connecting with the marketplace. Before going into the benefits of using email for marketing, here is a brief overview of how this system works.

These marketing tools are often referred to as an autoresponder service. Like other marketing tools, this marketing requires that you establish an overall purpose and then outline what messages help fulfill that purpose. You’ll also need to decide how frequently you want to communicate: daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. That frequency depends on your audience and your overall goal.

Next you create your messages. The good thing is that you don’t have to upload all the messages, but be sure to get enough uploaded to give you some time to create and upload more. Once the email marketing system is uploaded with your messages and a distribution schedule, the system takes care of the rest of the work. Hence the name, autoresponder. It automatically sends out your messages according to the schedule you defined.

Benefits of Email Marketing

1. It’s quick. Especially compared to other marketing programs that involve artwork, design and postal delivery, email is fast.

2. Measurable. Autoresponder tools provide reports showing how many people opened and read your emails. You can review what messages are popular. If you put links to your website inside, the email marketing system reports who clicked what link.

3. It’s cost-effective. Compared to the costs of postal services and other forms of print advertising, this type of marketing is dirt cheap. Most systems are pennies a day.

4. Effective. Email marketing has proven over and over to be a great method to reach out to new and existing clients in order to build or renew your relationship with them.

5. Profitable. It’s easy to monetize your email marketing system providing you with a new way to add revenue.

Email marketing requires an overall objective, purpose, and planning, but once it’s in place, it’s virtually a “set it and forget it” system.

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