Email Marketing Best Practices – 5 Squeeze Page Tips For Rapid List Building


A squeeze page, also known as a lead capture or a landing page, is a page created with the intent of getting prospects to join one’s email list. The visitors are usually offered a free gift, also known as a “freebie” in exchange for entering their email addresses. The squeeze page is the first component of a sales funnel.

Here are 5 tips to increase your opt-in rates to maximize your profits:

1.) Keep It Clean And Simple

It sounds counter-intuitive, but plain,simple pages often convert at a much higher rate than those with cluttered text and fancy graphics. Having too many elements on the squeeze page detracts visitors from the main message you’re trying to deliver. You can create a simple squeeze page using HTML editors in under 10 minutes.

2.) Have A Compelling Headline

The headline is the first thing that visitors read when they land on your squeeze page. It’s important to have an attention-grabbing headline. Use words such as “WARNING! Or EXPOSED!” to grab their attention.

3.) Keep The Description Short

The description is the line of text beneath the headline. Keep it sweet and short; try to outline the benefits of the free gift. Visitors are interested in the benefits that the free gift will bring to them, not its features. Remember the golden rule of marketing – “What’s in it for me?”

4.) Ditch The “Name” Field

Prospects are getting smarter by the day. They are highly critical and will only enter their details if the offer is compelling enough. Removing the “name field” on your opt-in form achieves two things:

– It removes a step from the equation.
– It makes the visitors feel more comfortable, as they don’t have to enter their personal name.

Anyway, personalization of emails is not that effective anymore these days, hence it’s of little use to email marketers.

5.) Testing And Optimizing

A popular term used in the email marketing space is “A/B Split Testing”. What that basically means is varying a single component of your squeeze page, and monitoring the results. You’ll want to be constantly testing and optimizing your squeeze page for optimal conversion rates. There are tons of useful tracking tools in the market for A/B testing, such as Hypertracker.

Using the tips above, you’ll be able to skyrocket your opt-in rates and make a lot more money with email marketing.

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