Email Marketing and List Building


Why Embark On Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an inexpensive and cost-effective distribution channel to showcase our offer of products to our hungry buyers.

A strong, responsive email subscriber list is a very powerful tool. It is a resource that you can tap into anytime, whenever you wish to generate an additional activity or revenue for your business.

By sending out an email to hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people in your subscriber list who all have some common interests in your niche, and offer them something that is relevant to their interests, you can achieve sales exponentially.

Build trust and creditability with your subscribers by going above their expectation and beyond. Offer valuable help in your particular niche that your subscribers can use or learn to improve whatever they need to.

It is important to understand the needs of your subscribers so that you are able to customize your sharing of information that is useful to your subscribers.

Follow up with your subscribers persistently, consistently and persuasively after they have opted in into your mailing list. Take every opportunity to over deliver what they expect you to offer.

This could mean giving away free gifts regularly or just answering emails promptly. Find out what things your subscribers need and give them some of these things for free.

Having gained the trust and respect from your subscribers, you can then offer them a paid version of your product in your niche. They will be more than happy to buy from you, time over time.

How To Build List Through Free Gifts?

List Building is one of the most important aspects for every online business. Having a mailing list enables you to communicate with your subscribers whenever you want, and it enables you to build trust and credibility based on the quality of information you are providing to them.

There are many ways you can build your list. One of the most powerful and effective ways to build list is to give away a free offer in exchange for the visitors’ emails and names via a Squeeze page.

A Squeeze page is a web page that offers visitors free products or free downloads of articles in exchange of their particulars.

Your free gift is your doorway to your marketing funnel. It is the key to building your list, establishing your expertise, building relationships, pre-selling and enhancing your brand.

Your task is to turn your freebie seekers into buyers by building trust and credibility through constant communication with them through email marketing.

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