Email Marketing And List Building Revealed


The best way to sell anything online is via email. Email marketing is a very effective tool that people can use to stay in contact with their list, and to build relationships with. Plus, it’s a great selling tool. All you need is a good email autoresponder, and you will be good to go.

Your ideal goal should be to get as many opt-in subscribers as possible. You can advertising for them, get referrals, do free marketing, and etc. There are some people who have around 100,000 email subscribers. People like this probably make $100 to $300 a day from every email that they send out. Email marketing is really this powerful.

Now let’s take a look at the alternative – just leading people to your sales letter page. First of all, depending on your niche… the conversion rates could be terrible. You could probably get 1000 hits to your site, and only get 1 sale. It’s really like that in some niches. To help combat this, all you have to do is build up an email list, and cultivate the list – and turn these cold prospects into hot potential buyers.

You should be striving to make list building a priority. The more leads you get, the more money you will likely make. And to get leads, you have to do heavy promotion. Implement techniques such pay per click advertising (PPC), article marketing, advertising on blogs and high traffic websites, blogging, press releases, email marketing, YouTube, and podcasting. All of these techniques are highly effective.

You can really build yourself a lifestyle business by doing these things. You can automate your business, earn money while you sleep, and in some industries online… have the product instantly available via download. As soon as someone orders, they are redirected to a website where they can instantly download the product. For some people, this is the ideal business.

But you should know that all of this can be a real life dream for you if you can use email marketing as the catalyst behind these goals. Some people say that email marketing has declined, but I totally disagree. Email marketing is strong, and will continue to be this way far into the future.

And if you really want to improve your conversion rates (outside of email marketing), you can send direct mail letters to your customers to try and get them to buy from you again. Most will say “yes” and buy more, because direct mail has been proven to increase the conversion rates from a normal email marketing campaign – as opposed to a direct mail campaign.

Be sure not to email your prospects everyday. People hate this. I get bombarded everyday by so-called “gurus” who email me everyday with their spam message – looking to get me to buy something. Every email is this way, and they never share any insights about how to help my situation out and overcome.

Don’t be this way. Offer helpful information, and you will be good to go. People appreciate some tips that can improve their lives in even the slightest ways – so you will be doing people a huge favor here. Give first and prove your worth, and your net worth will increase.

Good luck with using email marketing in your online business.

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