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One way of advertising that fits into even the busiest of schedules and smallest of budgets is email marketing for event planners. Between the affordability of email marketing software and the ease with which it can be managed, distributed and customized, an event planner’s email marketing program is a must for everyone in the industry.

When executed correctly, email marketing for event planners will create a domino effect. Those who send out these emails aren’t just introducing themselves to the recipient-their services are also being offered to all of that person’s friends and family. Each of these messages can be forwarded with the simple click of a button.

Think of email marketing as word of mouth for the Internet era-and an essential component for any person operating a business. Let’s face it: everyone’s attention spans are shorter these days. No matter how well event planners fare, a client may misplace their phone number or contact information when it comes time to recommending them to someone else. With email marketing, satisfied clients can just search their email for the correct message and forward it along.

The ability to share messages with other people is just one of the many interactive features. Within the body of the email the event planner can include photos from and blurbs about previous parties, client testimonials, a link to the company’s website (which of course contains more photos, blurbs and testimonials) as well as a calendar listing future events (without naming the people for whom the party is planned, of course-but it can’t hurt the planner to subtly point out how busy he or she is!).

Speaking of the website, it can invite visitors who land there via a web search to type in their email address so that they can receive future messages. The initiative doesn’t have to begin at the website, though. It can start simply enough with the planner inviting all potential clients to write down their email address on a clipboard during an introductory meeting or at an event. The implementation of the program is quite easy, as well, and can be handled in a short amount of time.

The demands of doing business in the 21st century require anyone who operates a business to be hustling and thinking of his or her next assignment even while in the midst of the current one. Event planners’ email marketing allows these tireless professionals the best of both worlds-concentrating on the task at hand while maximizing the amount of time they have to land new gigs!

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