Email Marketing And Dance Studios


And for these dance studios, email marketing is a wonderful and cost-effective way to promote themselves to both current and future generations of students-and, in particular, to their parents.

Those who operate these facilities should think of email marketing for dance studios as the word of mouth of the Internet era. A generation or two ago, people who were satisfied with a business would tell their friends about it. That still applies, of course, but email marketing is a way for these establishments to further build a name brand and remind locals of their presence in the community.

Beginning the email marketing campaign is as simple as leaving a clipboard at the entrance and inviting visitors-those who are already taking lessons as well as those who have just expressed interest-to write down their email addresses. Dance studios with a website can also include a prompt on the home page asking people to type in their email addresses so that they can stay up-to-date on the studio and its latest news.

Email marketing provides a unique opportunity to deliver a targeted and multi-dimensional message that newspapers and commercials airing on television stations and radio stations cannot match-and at a fraction of the cost, to boot. The software is both inexpensive to purchase and quite easy to install and manage by anyone with computer experience. There’s no need to make extra room in the budget for any part of the email marketing campaign.

The messages, meanwhile, can show off all facets of the dance studio, from the essentials such as address, directions and operating hours to links to the website, pictures of dancers in action and videos of the dancers performing on stage at recitals.

Speaking of the recitals, these messages are the best way to promote those annual or bi-annual performances. It’s expensive to purchase ad space in a newspaper and there’s no guarantee the message will hit its target audience. But an email sent to the friends and families of dance studio students will go a long way towards filling the auditorium!

Another advantage for dance studios: the messages can easily be forwarded to other people who might be interested in either signing their children up for lessons or in attending one of the recitals. For example: looking to get a family member to the recital? Don’t spend time on the phone hashing out directions-just forward the email. No other method of promotion matches the all-in-one capabilities of dance studios’ email marketing. Look into it today!

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