Email Marketing and Amusement Parks


Indeed, any amusement park that doesn’t implement an email marketing campaign is doing itself a disservice and costing itself valuable business. The advertising landscape has changed over the past couple decades, and the struggling economy makes it more imperative than ever that amusement parks tap into different and more efficient means of marketing.

An amusement park’s email marketing plan will reach a larger audience at a fraction of the costs-no small consideration in an era in which profit margins are thin for everyone because of the lingering recession. The software requires a minimal financial investment and can be implemented and managed by anyone with a moderate amount of computer experience. The program is particularly attractive when compared to the money required to buy a newspaper ad-or, especially, fund a television or radio ad campaign.

In addition, the messages generated by email marketing for amusement parks can provide far more information, in a much more attractive package, than the traditional means of marketing. These messages can include the usual standbys-such as contact information, hours, directions and a link to the park’s website-as well as links to videos of the park and its many attractions. Parks that offer musical entertainment can also embed YouTube clips of acts that have performed at the park and/or will be doing so in the coming season.

These messages can also be easily forwarded on to other people, so that planning an outing is far easier than in the days before email. Back then there would have been a lot of time spent playing “phone tag” with family and friends and too much time spent coordinating schedules and availabilities. But with the messages being swapped back and forth in a single email string, it’s simple for organizers to both include more people in the planning process as well as to figure out who is and is not in for the trip.

Email marketing for amusement parks can begin in a variety of ways, from park employees soliciting email addresses as people enter or exit the park to placing prompts on the park’s website asking visitors to enter their email address. Simple to start and even simpler to maintain, with results no other method of marketing can match, an email marketing campaign is a must for amusement parks of all sizes and in all areas of the country. Don’t let the winter months pass without implementing such a campaign!

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