Email Marketing Advice – The Advantages Of Using Surveys In Your Emails


Something I’ve only recently started using is surveys. I have set up and sent several Google survey forms to lists in several niches with great results. Today I want to share some of the advantages of using surveys in your emails with you. I hope they will inspire you to ask your own list what they want to learn more about.

Surveys Are Interactive

Surveys are by nature interactive. In a way they are a two way communication. You ask your readers some questions and they answer you. My favorite way to use a survey in email is to ask them a few questions about a certain topic to see if they are interested in learning more about it. I like to keep some of the questions open ended to get my readers to tell me exactly what it is they are interested in. For example, I recently surveyed one of my niches about healthy eating and asked them what their biggest challenge was when it came to healthy eating. My readers loved filling out the survey and knowing that I would read each entry.

You’re Getting To Know Your Readers

This is a great way to get to know your readers better. They will leave you all sorts of hints in their replies. Through the survey I mentioned earlier, I learned that many of my readers had young kids and were struggling both with picky eaters and spouses that didn’t like changes in the types of meals that were served. This information allows me to write more personal emails that speak directly to my subscriber’s problems and needs.

Knowing your readers is a first important step in building a deeper relationship with them. That’s one of the big secrets of successful email marketing. You have to get your subscribers to know, like and trust you… and the pre-requisite here is that you get to know them in the first place.

As A Result You Can Give Them Exactly What They Want

So, what’s the big end result of surveying your readers? You find out exactly what they want to learn more about. That’s incredibly valuable data you can use to plan your content for the coming weeks and months. But it doesn’t stop there. You now also know what types of products your readers are interested in. See if you can find a good fit in an affiliate product or create your own. They will be an easy sell since your readers are already telling you that this is exactly what they are looking for.

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