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In a really cool book called The Engaged Customer,

The New Rules of Internet Direct Marketing, author Peter Brondmo writes of “the Holy Grail of internet commerce and marketing” as putting into practice what successful merchants did a hundred years ago:

  • Recognize and greet each customer by name
  • Communicate with each one as an individual
  • Reward the best customer
  • Provide great service to each one

Treating every customer like a first time buyer, says Brondmo, is not just a bad idea, it’s an enormous waste of money.

So what is an engaged customer? One who interacts with you; who cares about your company and what it can offer…They will tell their friends about you and their friends will….and so on.

Service, for Guerrilla Marketing guru, Jay Levinson is whatever the customer wants it to be.So, gone are the days of mass marketing and here are the days of individual marketing.

Now that you agree that you need a marketing plan, here are some tips for creating one

1) *Target* your market. There are 2 ways to do it: look for the “pain” (fat and want to get thin) or the excitement… (this is something you know works because it’s worked for you)… So you can be *real* about your excitement.

2) You’ve heard of the critical importance of follow- up, right? Well, *fervent* follow-up is what has got to happen. Here’s why: From Jay Conrad Robinson himself:

  • It takes 9 exposures to a marketing message to get some attention from the recipient.
  • 12 messages for the recipient to start “asking around about you”.
  • 15 exposures for them to realize they “know you” when they see your message.
  • 27 exposures to a sale!
  • So, take a long look at your follow- up system!

3) Your emphasis *must* be on the customer…not on you or on your company. Remember, you are looking to give them something they *need*.

4) Your language has got to be about them, not you so use “you” over and over. Count the “I” references in your copy, if there’s more than 1, you’ve too many. Change it.

5) This new internet market is savvy…they have ‘been around’, treat them that way.

6) Use combinations of marketing approaches or, “integrated marketing”. What researchers are learning is that people expect to see both on- line and off-line marketing. They also expect an integration of visual and auditory methods of marketing.

7) Look at your competitors and see what you can learn from them.

8) Test and re-test your campaigns

Expect 1-2%.

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