Email Marketing: 7 Ways To Ensure Delivery Of Mails!


When you mention Internet Marketing, email marketing comes tops when we talk of the real powerful ways of getting your marketing message or product/service in front of your prospects’ eyes. It is for this reason that everybody keeps screaming, “the money is in the list.” That is the more reason why there are countless eBooks and courses on list building.

Even though you may have your own in-house list, it is another kettle of fish altogether to get people on your list to actually get your email into their inboxes and even open them because there are many hurdles which you the email marketer has to face. The biggest of these hurdles are spam filters. These Spam filters stop your emails dead in their tracks, even before your prospect has the chance to see or read them. But what is spam?

Spam, by its legal definition, is “Unsolicited commercial e-mail.” It is perhaps, this official definition that prompted anti-spam legislation in the US and other countries.

Spam Filters:

These come in a variety of forms among which are:

• Your recipient’s Internet Service Provider (ISP)

• Your recipient’s Anti-spam measures or email client, and to top it all,

• Your recipient’s own “delete happy” right hand. One click and your message is lost!

Take Measures Against SPAM FILTERS:

With this knowledge at the back of your mind you have to take measures to ensure that you beat these spam filters in their game so that your emails reach their destinations and are opened by the intended recipients.

1. First of all, remove words and phrases that can trigger the alarm bells of the spam filters.For example, “guarantee” is one such trigger word. The solution is to remove it or slightly modify it by making it look like “gua’rantee” or “guaran.tee” etc.

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson lists as many as 250 of such Words and Phrases

2. Avoid also the use of too many exclamation signs as “!!!!” and and also do away with ALL CAPS in your emails, especially in the subject lines.

3. Appropriately use your real name as the sender. Even though some marketers use their product name or website name, it appears emails from a real person are more warmly received than otherwise.

4. If possible, in your autoresponder follow up messages, avoid using a free email address as your sender/from address. You should rather use an email address from your own domain name, like “”,

5. Provide useful content. This speaks for itself. You cut your nose to spite your face by just selling, selling, and selling, to your list all the time. The repercussion is that the recipient gets fed up and either begins to ignore your emails, junk it, unsubscribe, or mark it as spam etc.

6. Do personalization. In this case use the recipient’s name in the email. It obviously helps with response too. Most autoresponders provide this facility. Another response booster you may note is to include the date in your subject lines.

7. Use a “double opt-in” sign up system. With “double opt-in”, the recipient earlier confirms to receive mails from you, and this lessens spam complaints and prospects/customers stay with you loyally much longer. On top of that, do not abuse that trust by sending too many emails too frequently.

By applying these seven principles, you will surely get past the spam filters and reach the intended targets. I need to emphasise that the best thing you should aim at doing is to “cultivate” your list so that they know you, like you and trust you.

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