Email Marketing – 6 Parts For Effective Marketing


There are a few places where you could make changes that will influence your response to your advertising campaigns. These are not limited but when using an email campaign there are a few specific areas you could look at. Email marketing is seen as one of the most effective methods and making changes is easy. Here we look at eight places where changes can be made easy. Look at each one and use all of them to benefit your campaign.

Subject Lines

Keep out the word Free and use words No Money and other synonyms. Also use different lengths of wording and change them within the same campaign to track their effectiveness. The word free is overly used and it is easy to substitute it.

Mailing Time

Mail at different times and days of the week. Find out if they are more or less effective if you keep in mind when people are actually at their computer or not. Figure out what you want to sell and where the market is. Remember that the world is always awake, however the market you want to reach may still be asleep.

Email Body Length

If you only put a link at the end of the message people will need to read the entire message before they get to your link. Move the link. Shorten the body to only a one line offer. Think about your own behaviour when you read an email. You are no different from most people. If you get irritated by a long email and scan this then other people will also express this behaviour.

HTML instead of normal Text

Do some research as to what HTML is and how you can use that especially in cloaking or hiding your links or simply using a different phrase such as Download Gift instead of giving people a boring long URL.

List Sources

This is very obvious but the more responsive your list is the better your click through rate. Use a targeted list for targeted products.In short if you only have a short list then you have no choice but keep in mind what you promised people when you asked them to join your list. do not go too far away from that promise.

Unique Element

You need to keep in mind the audience you want to hit. If you need to be formal then do that. If you are targeting college students then keep in mind that they would probably want more informal messages.

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