Email Marketing – 5 Top Mistakes You Must Avoid


So, you’ve got a subscriber list and you want to be a successful email marketer, but what are the main things you need to avoid? In this article we’re going to go over the top 5 email marketing mistakes that can easily be avoided.

1. Are your subscribers listening?

Firstly, when you send out an email, what sort of response do you get? Do people reply to your email with questions? Or do you got no response at all?

This is really important because you need your subscribers to listen to you. It’s really easy to know when you’re being ignored because your inbox will be very empty!

If you’re not sure about this one, send an email out right now just asking if everyone on your list is OK. Just a simple “how’s everything going”, or my personal favourite “what’s your biggest problem right now?”.

You’ll soon know if you’re being listened to or if you need to work a bit harder on building that relationship between yourself and your contacts.

2. Don’t over sell

OK, number one rule for email marketing: don’t over sell. We all get those emails in our inbox from people or companies that are just trying to sell something.

Those sorts of emails usually get ignored and we usually start to associate the sender with “you’re annoying, I’m not going to look at your emails.” So don’t end up being that person.

Send out emails that are useful, helpful and contain interesting content, along with sales emails too. There are different ratios of useful content to sales emails for example 5 useful content emails to every 1 sales email.

Try different ratios out on your list and see which work best. Don’t under do it either; if you never send out sales emails your subscribers won’t like it when you do because they’re just not used to it.

3. Who are you?

Don’t be a stranger, introduce yourself to new sign-ups and send out regular emails. You should start to become a familiar name in your subscriber’s inboxes, and it should be a good association. “Oh look there’s another email from Simon, I’ll open that now.”

Don’t be shy about letting your personality out either. Maybe tell a small story here-and-there to give your contacts the opportunity to get to know you as a person. After all, we respond much better to people who we know and feel comfortable around.

Another important thing here is to always use double opt-in techniques for subscriber sign-ups. That is: always get new subscribers to confirm their email address before you start sending them your newsletters. That way you’ll have a super list of contacts that are hungry for your emails – and you’ll get virtually no spam complaints.

4. I think that worked

OK, so you’ve just written an email, sent it out to your list and now you’re waiting for the responses: the clicks, the replies, the sales. But ultimately, how do you know if the email was even effective at all?

Instead of just sending out emails and hoping for the best, track everything. I mean everything. Modern email marketing software allows you to see who opened your emails, who clicked on your links, who your most active subscribers are.

From this information you can quickly determine which emails are more effective at producing results. Then you can improve on these emails and get even better results.

5. Do your research

Finally, get to know your target market. What are their needs? What are their hot-spots? What buttons do they want pressing. You should understand exactly what your subscriber list wants – and you should deliver it to them every time.

It really does pay to do your research, find out what the crowd is hungry for. You’ll be a much better marketer if you give your contacts what they want. They’ll buy so much more from you and they’ll actively look for your emails in their inbox.

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