Email Marketing – 5 Sure Ways To Make A Profit


Do you want to produce emails that are guaranteed to make money? Perhaps you’ve tried email marketing before and it didn’t work. Maybe you’re completely new to email marketing and keen to give it a try. In this article we’re going to explore 5 sure ways to make a profit with email marketing.

1. Hungry crowd?

One of the most important aspects of email marketing is the list of email addresses you’re contacting; your subscriber list. This is the key element that many email marketers get wrong and it’s the one thing that’s going to affect your profits most. So let’s tackle this first.

Where has your subscriber list come from? Did you purchase it? If so, throw it away and build your own. You need to be 100% confident that all your subscribers have opted-in for you to contact them. Otherwise you’re wasting their time and your own.

If you built the subscriber list yourself, ask yourself a few questions: did your subscribers sign-up in the last 6 months? Did you specifically ask people if they wanted so subscribe to your newsletter?

If the answer to either of these questions is no then you need to build a new list. You want people that are interested in what you have to offer and have shown that interest relatively recently.

2. I already know how to fish!

OK, so now you have a good subscriber list you don’t want to lose anyone! Keep your subscribers interested and actively engaged. Don’t just send out emails for the sake of it. Plan ahead and spend time constructing the email contents.

A good rule is to always introduce something new and interesting in every email. It might be something you spotted in the news that relates to your topic or maybe a good website you came across.

Put yourself in your subscribers shoes: you’ve signed up to a newsletter because you have an interest in a topic (let’s say fishing). You want to receive emails that inspire you and show you new things (e.g. new fishing techniques, good places to go fishing, fishing equipment reviews etc) – don’t teach them how to fish if they already know it.

3. Be a good friend

Now you’ve kept your subscribers interested, you want to sell to them. What’s the best way of doing this? Periodically sending out special offers? Putting adverts into the newsletter contents? OK, slow down. There’s something else we need to do first.

Imagine you’ve just walked into a car showroom. One of the sales staff walks up to you and starts trying to sell you a car. What’s your immediate reaction likely to be?

Woah there! Slow down! I don’t know you, you’re a stranger that’s just walked up to me and is now trying to sell me a car. A good salesperson will strike up a conversation. Try to get to know you, ask about your needs for a car. They’ll build rapport with you.

Your subscribers are exactly the same. They need to be able to trust you before they’re going to buy from you. So what’s the best way to build trust?

Being consistent is a great way to build that trust and rapport with your subscribers. Always give them unique and free content that’s interesting and appeals to them. Ensure you’re emailing regularly (e.g. twice per week) and try to send your emails at the same time of day.

Your aim is to become a good friend to each person in your subscriber list. Answer any questions they might have and always be polite and friendly.

4. The most profitable email

OK, things are going pretty well now. You’ve got a good subscriber list, you’re engaging and you’ve built up trust. Your list will now become active. Emails will be opened and read, links will be clicked and sales will start to come in. Great news! Let’s sit back and put our feet up!

If you stop here, you’re missing a big opportunity. Who’s actually reading your emails, clicking your links and purchasing from you? Do you know which emails are making you the most amount of money?

Look at your statistics and analytics. Certain types of emails are going to produce more revenue, which emails are they? Certain writing styles will get more clicks. Some subject lines will cause a flood of open rates.

Look at your stats to learn how to improve your future emails to make more profit. Learn what you’re doing well and what you’re not doing so well. Try new things and look at your stats to see if they’re working.

5. Discover the pot of gold

Most people will stop at this point and be happy with their profitable list. That’s OK. But there’s one more thing you can do to really skyrocket your profits.

Do you know which specific subscribers have actually purchased from you? Do you know who opens all your emails and clicks on all the links? Who are your most active subscribers?

Once you know this, you’ve just discovered the pot of gold. By specifically targeting your most active subscribers you’re going to get much better response rates.

Build a separate list of subscribers who have purchased from you before or who open the most amount of emails – they’re much more likely to purchase from you again. Send specific emails just to this list.

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