Email Marketing – 5 Reasons Your Online Business Needs It


If you have not ventured into email marketing with your online business yet, you definitely should. There are many reasons why you owe this to your online business, listed below are five great reasons why you absolutely must be doing it.

Reason 1

Obviously first and foremost would be money. The simplicity to send out a single email to the whole lot of your list makes money making a lot less stressful. As you would know companies like Aweber or get response are very popular programs that enable you to do everything you need to have a successful list. Here you can store emails, send out email blasts, create email capture forms etc.

Reason 2

The ability to set up an auto responder series. This basically means you can set an email to send whenever you want. What you do is create your email, or several and set them to be sent at a time convenient to you. This is extremely powerful as you can set up promotional emails to be sent, while you are sleeping, holidaying, enjoying luxury time, etc. Another great use for this is your welcome message. Set this up so when a person subscribes to your list, they get a personal welcome and thank you message from you. People love that.

Reason 3

Easy Communication. If you need to send out a quick email to let your customers know something, then this is perfect. Simply create your email, then click send once and it goes to every single member on your list. Extremely time saving.

Reason 4

The ability to rent your list to other marketers. Basically known as a solo ad. This is an excellent income stream in itself. What happens is you advertise your list available for solo ads in various places and then interested marketers contact and pay you to send an email promoting their product to your list. This is extremely beneficial for both parties. You make money for the use of your list. They make money by sending a promotional email to your list. Win – win.

Reason 5

It is an excellent way to build a relationship with your customers. If your readers like what you have to say, they are more likely to buy your products when you promote one.

So there you have it, 5 great reasons why you need to get into email marketing right now. With those 5 benefits alone you should be seeing a lot more income to your business, you will also save yourself a lot of time.

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