Email Marketing – 5 Highly Effective Ways To Grow Your List


As I’m sure you’re very much aware, email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing techniques there is. You’ve probably heard the saying “the money’s in the list” and you’re eager as a beaver to grow your list and start making some money!

So let’s get started!

1. Here’s a gift worth $29.99

OK, the first thing you need to do is offer people something they can’t refuse. This will of course depend on the topic of your newsletter. For example: if you have a fishing newsletter on “how to catch big fish” you could give away a free e-book explaining how to catch big fish.

Whatever you’re offering people, it needs to be free to produce, easy to email and worth something. So an e-book works well in most cases because it shouldn’t cost much (if anything) to produce, is very easy to email and could be valued at say $29.99.

If people want to get their hands on your free giveaway (for example: an e-book) they simply have to fill out the world’s shortest form consisting of their name and email address. You then send the freebie straight to their inbox.

Remember: you must state clearly in the form that you’re going to send them a regular newsletter and that you will never sell or share their personal data. You must also ensure you never sell or share their personal data. Ever.

Now you’ve got something to give away to people in exchange for their email address it’s time to start growing your list!

2. Get some seriously hot leads

This has been one of my favourite forms of marketing for a while now. Why? Because it’s so effective and doesn’t cost a lot. If you’re just starting to grow your business and you have an hour to spare each day: write an article each day.

In-case you don’t know, article marketing works like this: you write an article (like the one you’re reading right now), submit that article to article directories,and finally place a link in the footer of the article to your newsletter sign-up page.

The beauty of article marketing is that it generates very hot leads. Someone reading your article clearly has an interest in the topic. By reading your article they’re getting warmed up. By the time they click your link, they’re ready to subscribe to your newsletter!

3. Pay for the clicks

If you’ve not got the time to write articles to build your list, how about paying the major search engines for a premium spot right at the top of their results? You’ve probably already seen those sponsored links above the search engine results, well how about putting your link up there?

Pay-per-click marketing can be a highly effective method of building your list. The technique is simple: you bid a certain amount for a keyword every time someone clicks the your link to your newsletter sign-up page.

For example: I want to bid on the keyword “how to have a beautiful garden”. I set my bid to around $0.50 per click. Every time someone searches the internet for “how to have a beautiful garden” my links appears at the top of the results page. When someone clicks on that link, I get charged around $0.50.

These visitors then get sent straight to my newsletter sign-up page where they can’t resist my freebie!

4. Swapsies!

If you know someone that’s got a list on a similar topic to yours, why not do a swap? Promote your friends list to your subscribers and vice-versa. OK, yes you do need to have a fair amount of subscribers on your list for this to be fair, but it can be a great way to grow your list literally overnight.

There are many websites and forums that specialise in joint ventures and helping people meet in order to do these swaps and share marketing ideas. Part of the fun of running your own business is meeting lots of people with interesting backgrounds. It’s also incredibly motivating talking to other people about how they market their businesses.

5. Be organic

Finally, one of the best long-term strategies for growing your list is organic SEO. What’s that I hear you cry? Basically, getting your website to appear high up in the search engine results without paying for every click.

Once your website has a top spot in the major search engines you’ll see a steady stream of traffic visiting your website and subscribing to your newsletter.You also won’t have to worry about paying for every single unique visitor.

What’s the best way of achieving these organic listings in search engines? Offer genuinely interesting, unique and engaging content on your website. A great way of doing this is by starting up a blog. Write about the topic you love and share a passion for.

Before you know it, other people that share your passion and interest (in your subject area) will discover your blog, see your amazing freebie offer and feel the uncontrollable urge to subscribe to your newsletter.

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