Email Marketing – 3 Ways To Tell If Your Subscribers Are Interested


Email marketing is a great way to attract new customers and establish your business online. So it makes sense to keep your subscribers interested and engaged. But what are the best ways to tell if your subscribers are interested in what you have to say?

1. How you attract subscribers

The first thing you need to look at is how you actually attract your subscribers. You shouldn’t be buying email addresses or lists because you don’t know exactly what you’re buying. Who knows where the email addresses came from and how many spam complaints you’re going to get.

The best way of attracting people to your newsletter is through your website. You could have a small form on the side of every page offering to give away something for free or even show a video on how to do something.

By finding your own subscribers you’ll get people that are guaranteed to be interested in what you have to say. Think about it: someone searching the internet comes across your website. They have a real interest in what you have so say. They sign-up to your newsletter because they want to hear more from you.

2. Ask a question

One thing that works very well is asking a question to your list. Something very simple that only takes a second to respond to. Something like “what’s your biggest problem in [topic area]” or “how do you approach the problem of [topic area]”.

Most people are pretty eager to get involved in a topic they’re passionate about. So by sending out these emails you’re likely to get a lot of responses from people. This is also a great way to build relationships and get to know your subscribers.

Obviously, by getting a lot of responses to your email you can tell how many people are interested. But make sure you follow up on the responses. Engage in conversations and find out more about your subscribers problems and needs. You might even come up with a new product idea in the process.

3. Look at your stats/analytics

If you don’t want to send out a question, or perhaps you’ve sent out a question but you didn’t get that many responses, another way to see how many people are interested in your newsletter is to look at your stats.

Most good email marketing software will have built in stats to show you clearly how many people opened your email, how many clicked on the links, how many unsubscribed etc.

By taking a look at these stats regularly you’ll quickly be able to determine how popular your email newsletters are. You should also be able to tell who your most active subscribers are. For example: there are usually some people that will open all your emails, fairly soon after you’ve sent them. That’s a really good indicator of how interested people are.

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