Email Marketing: 3 Reasons Why Your List Is Still Your Greatest Asset


Many have begun to claim that email marketing is dead, a relic even. Have you ever thought that? Nowadays, social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are huge and getting the attention of web users is getting harder daily, could building lists and email marketing still be relevant? The answer is absolutely, yes – a thousand times yes. Actually, email marketing is probably more critical now than ever. By the way, have you ever noticed that all the folks claiming email marketing is dead send you that message by email?

Here are three reasons list building and email marketing are so important:

1. Trust is the number ONE currency on the internet

Everyday, new websites pop up. A Google search shows thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of results. And all of them claim to have what you need. The results, people have become more wary about the claims made on most sites, having been burned by over hyped products and slicksters who say anything to get the sale, without experience or quality products to back up their claims.

Look, you can’t build trust overnight in the best of situations. But, when someone comes to you already skeptical about who you are and what you have to say, how do you change their mindset; how do you convince them that you are both – legitimate and have whatever it is they need? That’s a tough challenge, but one faced by anyone trying to make a living selling stuff on the internet.

Marketing by email to a list of people who have agreed to hear your message is probably the best solution out there. Let’s be honest, the way you build trust, the only real way to build trust online or off, is by consistently living up to your word. When people sign-up to be on your list, more than anything they are saying “show me I can trust you,” they’re giving you the opportunity to stand and deliver and to do it repeatedly. That kind of consistency builds trust almost by default; trust that isn’t easily shaken and that results in loyal customers.

Email is a better way to do this than posting on your site, or blog, or even in your social media outlets because there is a huge possibility that your intended viewer may never see your message. People don’t always return to websites and blogs, and despite popular belief, not everyone is glued to their twitter stream. By using email your high quality, consistent messaging is delivered to them on a silver platter, trust comes naturally.

2. You Will Make More Sales

The chances of a first-time visitor buying something on a website they don’t know, from an unknown person is incredibly slim. Even if you have a mini-site, you know, one of those sites focused on selling just that one item and nothing else. If you’ve got one of those and your sales copy is fairly good, the chances of making the sale is about half a percent.

This is not even a new problem. Good salespeople have always said “the fortune is in the follow-up. It turns out that’s just as true now, maybe even more so, as it was then. If you promote that same new product to an email list that has grown to trust you your chances of making the sale on the first go round increases dramatically. Like instead of half a percent you’re suddenly talking about numbers in the 5%-8% range or even higher.

By building and nurturing your list of prospective customers, you can establish a relationship, build trust and market your products and services to them on a regular basis, and most importantly make the sale… when your customer is ready to buy. In other words, by using email marketing you put yourself in a position to make the sale whenever your customer decides to buy, rather than having to make the sale at that first encounter or lose the opportunity forever.

3. You Get Your Customer’s Attention

There is no way to overstate the value of getting your customer’s attention. Today, there are so many websites and social media outlets competing with you for your customer’s attention, that attention itself has become a valuable commodity. One that others will pay for, because you can do something they can’t; get your customer’s undivided attention on a regular and consistent basis.

The truth is list building and email marketing are still essential tools for anyone who is serious about building a business online or off. It is not only still relevant but is the best way to get your customer’s attention and build trust. Even in this fast paced age of information and technology, People still buy from those they know, like and trust. Building an email list and messaging them regularly with valuable content is the fastest way to make sure you’re one of those people.

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