Email Marketing – 2 Ways To Generate Sales Soon


A great business model to follow to get more new sales is the email marketing model. Sure you may get a sale here and there with leading people straight to your sales letter page, but you will get higher conversions if you have them opt-in to your email newsletter, and start marketing to them over and over again.

Now when getting into the dynamics of email marketing and email writing, there are some tricks that you will want to do to improve the likelihood of having your leads buy from you. I said that having them subscribe to you will make you more money, but I never went into details about the fundamentals of email marketing. So this is what I will do here. Here’s the first tip for making your email newsletter a success:

1) Send plain text emails

There’s nothing easier to read than a plain text email. Your subscribers will read the material, and you don’t have to worry about your images and graphics being blocked when using HTML. People can easily read your email via their smart phone, but with an HTML email… it will be hard to decipher what your email says.

Also, when you send a plain text email, your chances of ending up in your prospect’s inbox will be greatly enhanced. You more than likely won’t end up in someone’s spam folder – unless you are doing some illegal and unethical things. In which case, you shouldn’t be trying to sell anything online at all because you give good guys like a bad rep online.

Test between text emails in your email marketing today. I’m confident that you will find that it’s easy, fast, swift, readable, direct to the point, and very effective. If you sign up with a company called “Aweber”, you will have the option to create a text or HTML email – and their interface is very easy to use. Here’s another tip for making your email marketing work for you:

2) Give good information

The one thing I hate about signing up to people’s list is the fact that people like to spam you day after day about some product that they’re trying to sell. The emails never deliver any advice or helpful tips… instead, the email is around 50 words long, and they want you to click on their ugly affiliate link to try and get a sale from you.

Stuff like this make me sick, and guess what? Stuff like this make people who do this go out of business real fast. They’re just looking for a fast buck online but don’t understand that a fast buck is something that can be attained years from now. Too many people build their internet business of the premise of “instant profits”. Clearly they have been led down the wrong path – and after a few years online, they still haven’t made any profits.

Email marketing is a great tool if you know how to utilize it correctly. Don’t follow the unethical and ineffective methods such as buying an email list, spamming, or emailing your leads everyday with a sales pitch. You won’t make any money online. Trust me, I would know.

Stick to the basics, learn the fundamentals, and do them for years to come. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Good luck with your email marketing efforts today.

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