Email Marketing 101: Beware of Purchased Lists


If you are a self-proclaimed email marketing genius like so many of us claim to be, we should agree that purchasing lists is an unreliable approach to generate quality sales leads. While it may be economical to buy lists on the open market, always remember that price is one of the first and best indicators of product quality.

As an email marketing company managed by a team of professionals that have been in this industry for over 12 years, let’s just say the question of “cost” never fails to come up in discussions with potential clients. Their question goes a little like this: “Why should I pay a premium to market to YOUR database of consumers when I can purchase targeted email lists at a fraction of the cost?”

Our answer to this age-old question is always the same. If a list broker is claiming that they are selling “quality” or “high-performance” data, why would they sell it for a quick profit and forfeit the opportunity to make money off of that list for an extended period of time? List brokers earn their living by buying lists in bulk for a discounted price and reselling them on the open market at a slightly higher rate. These lists have been bought, sold, and used time and time again to the point of list “exhaustion.” By the time you get your hands on these email addresses, I am willing to bet that the majority of them either don’t exist anymore or are made up of known complainers that have received so many product or service offerings unrelated to their interests. Before you instill faith in the quality of these lists, take a minute and think. If these lists are truly the “cream of the crop” and have a proven track record of generating leads and sales for limitless companies in the past, they would not be up for grabs. Period.

We do not sell our lists solely for this reason. We are constantly growing our lists by aggregating, collecting, and processing approximately 15,000 – 20,000 fresh opt-in email records on a daily basis. We also frequently groom our lists by removing unsubscribes, invalid, and undeliverable email data. This allows companies to take advantage of a professionally maintained database of consumers who have made a purchase, filled out a lead form, or done something online within the last 120 days. We are confident in the performance of our data due to the positive feedback and continued business we receive from companies satisfied with their positive return on investment.

If you are insistent on purchasing lists, go the extra mile to ensure you clean and validate your list before you jeopardize your IP reputation and become blocked from sending any future emails. A small investment now is worth safeguarding your sender reputation for the future.

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