Email List Building Online – Profit or Loss?


To be profitable in building an email list online you need to convert your subscribers into buyers, unless you are doing it for a non-profit organization or as a hobby.

This article goes into the topic of profitability and your online list building business.

The bottom line is that you are building a business even though it doesn’t have the traditional brick and mortar with people, products or services and overhead. Your online business (no matter which model you are using) has costs and takes time, even if the time is an hour a day. Hobbies cost money and businesses are supposed to make money. If you are going to make it online then you need to have a plan of action, a system and the work ethic to get it all done.

These four steps listed below are really important if you are going to create a profit for your online business:

1. You need to know what your costs are to operate your online business. This includes cost per subscriber and cost per sale. If you don’t know how much it is costing you then how you can determine what the profit will be. Track your costs and watch spending like a hawk.

2. You need to know the exact value of every visitor (searcher), subscriber, and buyer (long -term client). This is important because you cannot clearly understand and calculate your profits, if you don’t know the value or revenue. You see, revenue should be calculated on a per action basis with the same metrics as your costs.

3. You need to minimize spending and maximize revenue opportunities. It is necessary for you to eliminate campaigns that are losing money and the only way to do this is to know where the leaks are in your business. Because if you don’t know where the leaks are, then sooner or later your business is going to sink and you will be with it, unless you control your expenses.

4. You need to monitor and track everything that you do. You have to track every webpage along with every visitor, subscriber and every sale. You must know where your traffic originates from and how well it is converting. Testing and tracking are key for most online businesses and especially for those in the email list building arena. So make sure to test and track every step of the way so you can remain profitable in your online business.

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