Email Campaign Solutions: Pay Attention To The Details


Frankly speaking, there’s a lot of clutter in the email marketing space, and companies that resort to email campaign solutions must realize that only when they really focus all their attention to their campaign is when they would be anywhere near the desired objective. In this regard, there are a lot of elements that can be taken from newspapers, which are essentially a repository of information, but do a very fine job of engaging their readers. One of the most common features is a brief, which is a short story that can be read within a matter of seconds as a person is reading through the newspaper. This ensures that the cover story is sufficiently highlighted, otherwise there’s just too much information. Essentially, it’s all about focusing on the main proposition, explaining it in detail, and keeping all secondary items to the minimum. Not only does this ensure brevity, which is one of the core essentials for a successful email marketing campaign, but also ensures that the attention is not diverted to an unwanted element.

Email campaign solutions can also contribute significantly to the revenue stream of a firm in more ways than one. Just like newspapers have different sources of income, like sales, advertising, sponsorship, reader promotions, etc., one can have different elements integrated into a newsletter that can address different needs of a consumer. And last, but far from the least, the timelines and schedule of the email messages, particularly in case of a newsletter, must be adhered to at all costs if one is to be successful in email marketing.

Taking the example of a retail website, the first step is to pick the top selling products and highlight one among them that is most likely to appeal to the TG. Then, one needs to figure out the non promotional information that one can ‘wrap around’ this key product so that the email message also offers value before the customer has even made a purchase. This is the safest approach that virtually guarantees enhanced brand equity, as the customer has seen how the brand is willing to help him/her in some way without even expecting anything in return.

Essentially, email campaign solutions that feature a series of welcome emails need to have a mix of non promotional and promotional content, something like a magazine where one has articles and tips, as well as advertisements. For instance, if one is selling tennis equipment, the email messages can carry tips on how to improve the person’s game. A similar example is when one is selling lead management software – the message can talk about how to improve the lead generation campaign and map the results in a better manner.

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