Email Campaign Solutions: Leveraging Technology To Generate Revenues


The latest wave of social media initiatives has seemingly taken the attention off email marketing, albeit for a short period of time. However, it’s important to understand that the main reason why email marketing still holds an edge over social media, or for that matter any other kind of marketing tactic, is that it is instantly and accurately measurable. Following is an insight into what all can be done with email campaign solutions owing to the recent advancements in technology.

Bulk mailing: Email campaigns can reach out to thousands and millions of prospects within hours, ensuring maximum reach to the tune of an above the line television or print commercial.

HTML templates: Emails that are sent in HTML format are better looking than regular mails, and to a large extent, print commercials or posters. Hence, they tend to get a better response rate.

Tracking: This factor has taken the popularity of email campaign solutions to a new high! It is obviously critical to know the kind of impact the email has had, and advanced tracking features ensure that every click through and every opened or bounced email is accounted for. This helps the email marketing team decide future course of action, i.e., whether the same strategy is to be used or is a change required to get the desired result.

Reporting: Comparison of the current campaign with the previous versions is also very important to know how far and long one is on the road to progress. Advanced reporting systems give accurate statistics to bolster this effort.

Email capture: Email addresses can now be captured and added to the campaign list for the next ‘blast’ via a simple sign up form that can be placed on a website.

There are many more benefits of using email campaign solutions to boost revenues and build brand equity. All that is needed is partnering with the right service provider, and any organization can go places!

However, email campaign solutions are a perpetual goldmine when it comes to getting more and more people aware of a brand. Many organisations hire external agencies to manage their email campaigns. However, there are some key aspects that are required to be taken care of before taking the final call. Firstly, the agency must have a robust delivery system, so that the message is delivered in the inbox, and not the spam folder. Also, the designing and content placement of the message must be in a manner that it is extremely easy for the recipient to comprehend, because without such a ‘provision’, so to speak, all the email marketing activities are futile.

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