Email Archiving Keeps Your Sensitive and Confidential Documents Under Wraps


Advances in technology over the past decade have changed the way we communicate. We rely more on email than ever. Back in the day, communication meant writing letters and waiting for the mailman to show up at your door. Now, sending a letter over the Internet takes merely seconds. Because of the vast cyber landscape that we all operate in, it is easy for electronic mail to be intercepted and used for illegal purposes. This is why you need to consider email archiving, especially if your business sends out and receives letters and documents that are highly classified in nature.

When you invest in email archiving, all the information your company receives and sends is arranged in a logical and accessible manner. Your files are removed from the server and backed up safely. Now, the first thing you have to consider is your options. What type of storage do you want? You can have your emails archived in the cloud or externally. With cloud archiving, your data are stored off site. There is no need to maintain expensive equipment and a crew of technicians to keep things running. External storage is the complete opposite. You will need to invest in machines to store all your files.

The second thing you need to do after speaking with an email archiving solutions firm is to create a hierarchy of storage folders. When you do this, you will have to separate personal email from business email, which allows frequently accessed folders to be within easy reach. Bear in mind that folders can be reorganized and renamed. As soon as a top priority project has been completed, you can easily file it away for future reference.

One of the best email archiving tips is to delete unwanted email right away. Doing this avoids the chance of it ever reaching the archive, where only valuable materials should be stored. As an alternative, you can carry out mass deletion prior to archiving. You can have the email archiving solutions firm set this for you automatically. However, it might be a good idea to visit your ISP website from time to time, see what is actually there, and delete as needed. If you have enough empty server space, you can leave those important documents and letters as an additional archive.

For any business, email archiving is a necessary tool when it concerns company regulations, security, and efficiency. There are certain pieces of information that should remain within the boundaries of the workplace. Any document that leaves the office unexpectedly may have been caused by forces beyond your control. If you want to avoid this scenario, an email archiving solutions team can help you manage your electronic paper trail and delete messages no longer needed.

By 2011, the market for this will have increased ten-fold to almost $6.1 billion from $796 million in 2006. This is an independent market research firm, according to the Radicati Group. North America and Europe will be the largest markets, accounting for 60 percent and 32 percent of global sales, respectively. We live in a world more wired than ever and this is the proof.

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