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I have a lot of people ask me how I come up with email sequences when selling a product, whether it’s my own product or an affiliate product. A lot of people think way too hard about this. They spend hours agonizing over what to write in their emails for a product. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s very simple and I’m going to show you exactly what I do when writing my emails.

Before I ever send out the first email for a product, I have a general idea of how my sequence is going to go. It’s so simple that you’ll laugh when I explain this to you. The first thing I do is head over to the sales letter. At first glance, I look for things that have a flashlight on them. I explained this to the guy in my office that does my mailing for me by saying, watch where the flashlight shines. The flashlight shines on places that stand out to you when glancing over the sales letter. The words could be bigger, highlighted, in a different bolder font, in a box that stands out, etc. You’ll notice the words because they pop out at you. For example, after looking at one of my previous WSO’s, I notice right away the words “Think about this.” The next thing I notice is in a box and it says, “Google updates their algorithms with a zoo animal name like Panda and then you watch your websites and blogs drop in rankings.” So when I’m writing my sequence, this might be my first email. Now all I will add to this is a call to action and my name.

When creating the follow up emails in my sequence, I just go back to the sales letter again and look for headlines and things that are highlighted, or under the flashlight. It’s really that simple. I really like using the headlines for one reason you may not have considered. Headlines are where most copy-writers spend the most time and energy. The headlines are words and phrases that have been split-tested. So right away I know that the headline works.

One thing you should remember when creating your email sequence is that you need to be specific. Don’t write blind emails. You want them to know why they’re going to the sales page. If it’s an offer for YouTube and your email says it’s about Facebook, not only will you look like an idiot but the person clicking on the link will be annoyed and disappointed when they get to the sales page. The person will feel like they’ve been tricked when you don’t deliver what you promise. Make sure you are sending messages that are congruent with what you’re selling.

Also, consider the length of your emails. My emails are always short, sweet and to the point. There are a couple of reasons for this. Reason number one is in today’s world, many people are interacting online by their mobile phones and devices. Some people don’t use a computer anymore. There are tablets, e-readers and cell phones with amazing capabilities. So when writing an email, I take that into account. It’s a lot easier to read a short email on a cell phone than it is a long email. Reason number two is based upon a personal belief of mine. It’s my belief that my job as an affiliate marketer is to send you qualified traffic. It’s your job to sell that qualified traffic. I know many other marketers feel the same way.

Something else you might want to keep in mind when crafting your emails is putting in two calls to actions. This is something I know my friend Shawn Casey does when writing his email sequences. This makes it super easy for people to click on the link and go to the sales page. Who knows, maybe they’ll click twice?

Now you’ve seen how I write my emails for my sequences. You’ve seen how easy it is to create emails that will work for you and be congruent with the sales page. All you need to do now is put this into practice. It’s really that simple.

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