Efficient Use of Links in Emails


There is a great likelihood that you have links in the Emails that you send to your professional connections. It isn’t enough just to use links. You need to make sure that people click on those links and traffic increases.

The next concern that you have is how to get your Email recipients to click on your links and for a positive result to occur as a result of what you are sharing with them. If done appropriately, Emails can be a wonderful and extremely effective tool when it comes to engaging your target audience. It is extremely important to understand exactly why you are sharing the particular links that you are sharing. It should never be done inadvertently. The links that you post in your Emails will truly be a driving force when it comes to attracting increased quality traffic to your business. With that said, being able to identify what works the best and what doesn’t work is critical to the success of your business. There really is a science behind your links and which types will entice people to open them and to perform some sort of action.

The many different types of links to include in your Emails

Call-to-action: Your principle call-to-action is one of the most critical links that you can possibly put in your Email. It will tell your audience members clearly what you want them to do and they will understand what they will receive in return for going to the next step and interacting with you on a deeper level. Your requests to your Email recipients may be downloading your Ebook, signing up for your monthly newsletter or registering for an event that you are either hosting or actually conducting.

Links to other social media channels: This type of link allows your target audience to share your links with other people with whom they share social media channels. If they feel connected to your business and want to tell other people about what you are doing, this is an excellent way to do it. Generally speaking, people are willing to share information about businesses that they feel have something valuable to contribute. Inserting a link into your Email will really allow you to broaden your reach and people will generally find your content valuable, educational and worth sharing.

Following links to social media channels: If a person wishes to follow your business and your branding, they can click on one of these links via a variety of social media channels. If your Email recipients like the information in the Emails that you have sent to them, they may very well be willing to receive additional information from you and the relationship will start to deepen. When this happens, they will potentially connect with you through channels such as Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Insert a “P.S.” into your Email with a link: This can be a very powerful approach because your readers will notice the link immediately. It is an excellent idea to put a call-to-action link in your P.S. since you really want people to click on that particular link and to follow through with some sort of action.

Insert a link to your logo: If you have a brand and you have a business, you should definitely put a logo link in your Email. This is important for your audience members so that they understand clearly what your business is all about. Your logo link should always appear in a prominent place in your Email so that it is seen easily.

Plain text: You should have the capability of creating a plain-text version of your Email in addition to the html Email. The plain-text version will remove all images and coding and your Email recipients will only have to deal with text. That is simpler for your recipients in a lot of cases. With regard to the clickable links in plain text, you need to type out the whole URL for it to function properly.


If you put links in your Emails, you are doing so because you want your Email recipients to follow through with something and interact with you in an active way. The quality of the links in your Email is just as important as the links themselves. It is critical that you test the links before you send any Emails so that you know that they are high quality and that they lead your target audience to even more valuable information. It is very important to remember how important it is to insert high-quality clickable links that will help your target audience.

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