Effectiveness in Lead Management


Businesses today have shifted from just being a transaction to now becoming relationships. Customer loyalty is on the rise today. When you now conduct business with other business organizations you are becoming a part of their existence and you want to be a beneficial stepping stone for them as that will ensure future productivity between your business and theirs. What is the important ingredient that inspires that level of loyalty between businesses? That ingredient is none other than the effectiveness you offer in your Lead Management process. So what is Lead Management? Lead Management is the title of a three step process that begins with Leads Generation that is followed by Lead Qualification and completed by Lead Nurturing before getting transferred to sales.

Leads Generation is the beginning phase and it is imperative that it is done keeping quality over quantity in mind. This can be done through numerous ways like direct email, webinars, email, telemarketing, giving away product samples; or you can follow the newest trend of hiring a Lead Generation Company to acquire your leads for you. Today data houses that generate leads use multi channel Lead Generation Services to get you your potential customers from all parts of the world. What multi channel systems do is that they monitor, analyze, understand and filter online chatter to get a much more precise and focused batch of leads that can relate directly to your products or the services that your business might offer.

Lead Qualification is the next phase and here is where it has been noticed that the majority of mistakes are made. This is a very crucial time in the Lead Management pipeline as here the leads are sorted and segregated on the basis of their readiness to buy. A common mistake made is the one where a customer is just looking for more information and perhaps a little time to finalize his decision and instead he is bombarded with sales pitches. This stage is not only about proper segregation of the data but also understanding the data while sorting through it.

Lead Nurturing may be the last stage in the Lead Management process but it is also the most important. This is the stage where you take on the task to ‘ready’ your potent leads to be handed over to your sales team. You have to keep track of the level of interest that they have in your products and services. You keep them informed and you help make them make an informed decision in choosing your business as that will help you in the long run as they will come back to you and also refer your services to others.

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