Effective Emails – Common Mistakes to Avoid


In this article I will show you some of the common mistakes made when writing emails. I will then suggest what you can do instead to make them more effective. What do I mean by effective? There are two ways that you want your emails to be effective. First you want them to be opened and read so that you can build up a relationship with your list and have them looking forward to receiving your next email. The second way is connected to doing the first well and that is to generate sales as a result of your efforts to promote your products or services via your email campaign.

One of the biggest mistakes made is focusing on the second objective and neglecting to put any effort into the first I.e. building up a relationship. No one wants to be sold to and certainly not on a regular basis. If all you do is send promotional emails it is like you are ringing them everyday asking them to buy something and you know how popular sales calls are – not!

So instead spend some time building up your relationship and gaining the respect and trust of your list before you start promoting your products. One key way to do this is to send great content in your emails. What is great content? Content that helps your subscriber achieve or get something they really, really want. Content that helps your reader overcome a real challenge that’s getting in the way of them achieving what they really, really want.

Another key mistake often made is not having a plan, not having a structured sequence of emails but rather just sending out an email based on whatever idea comes to them that day. If your emails seem unconnected and jump around from topic to topic then subscribers will be put off and certainly less likely to check out and buy your products.

So think of it in terms of creating an email campaign and decide on the overall structure before getting down to the nitty-gritty of the actual emails. I would strongly recommend that you only focus on promoting one product or programme at a time rather than promoting your whole range. Make sure you get a good balance of content-based emails to promotional ones – my general advice would be a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 but this does vary depending on your market.

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