Effective and Powerful Email Marketing


Email marketing is a very cost-effective way of promoting new services and products. When done properly it can add to your branding, build loyalty and name-recognition in your customers. If your mind is leaping to the image of a barrage of spam emails that end up in Junk email box, think again.

E-mail marketing is all about communicating in a genuine manner with your customers, staying in touch with them, informing them of a new product line, a new service or a special offer they might be interested in. Email marketing reminds your customers that you are there for them and generates new leads and sales.

Here’s an example of a successful email marketing campaign. A print company’s business card print run needed filling, so the marketing department put together a one week promotion offering a free business card holder with each order of business cards. The email went out to their targeted mailing list of previous and existing customers. Within a day of the email going out, their business card print run was full for the week. The special offer of a free business card holder was a small incentive but the real value in the promotion was more in keeping in touch with customers, jogging their memory, the e-mail reminding them of something they needed already and hadn’t got around to ordering.

This example demonstrates the importance of keeping in regular contact with your customers. You can be sure that if you don’t keep in touch, your competitors will fill the gap with their own email marketing. It makes it easier for them to woo your customers away with an attractive promotion of their own.

A few email marketing tips:

1. Keep emails short, friendly and to the point. No-one wants to wade through a long sales pitch to find out what the special offer is. Even better use well designed images and text, so that a glimpse is enough to get the message across.

2. Keep your mailing list clean and targeted. Remember that the most effective form of email marketing is aimed at keeping in touch with existing customers and those who have already shown interest in your business.

3. Make sure that all your promotional mailers keep in line with your business branding, so that they are supporting and building brand recognition among your customers.

Email marketing works as a friendly reminder of your products and services even if the customer isn’t interested in the particular promotion currently on offer. It is very cost-effective, keeps your name fresh and at the fore-front of your customers’ minds, and builds your branding simply and effectively.

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