eCommerce Websites: What You Need To Offer


Over the past few years the internet has gained tremendous popularity and thanks to on-the-go devices like our mobile phones it is not surprising that today, online shopping has become second nature to us all. From groceries to clothing to knick knacks and books on Amazon; there are a plethora of items readily available, making eCommerce websites one of the most successful forms of online business.

With 4G internet connection and the latest tablet computers and mobile phones and of course every big named store transitioning into responsive and adaptive websites and downloadable apps; online shopping is now a normal part of everyday life.

For the smaller business or new businesses just venturing into the eCommerce world; there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure that your website has everything that the experienced online shopper will expect.

Just setting up an eCommerce site or want to ensure that your current website is doing everything right? Below are a few points to consider if you wish to ensure that your online business is on the path to success…

  • Navigation- You will naturally want your website to drive sales but keep in mind that your visitors won’t be able to buy anything if they cannot find it. Good, clear navigation is important so take a look at the user experience that your website is offering. Does your site have the usual, navigation bar across the top or on the side of the page? is everything on your site well organised and do you have drop down menus that display everything in a clear manner? A simple and easy to use navigation bar is expected by customers of eCommerce sites so be sure that you are providing just that or your customers may struggle to make a purchase.
  • The Proof- The consumer public isn’t always so trusting when it comes to parting with their money which is why it is important that your eCommerce site does everything it can to gain trust. From client testimonials to product reviews, accreditation’s and even any media coverage your business may have gained; proof of quality and success is a great way to build a brand and give your customers the final nudge they may need to make a purchase.
  • Appeal- We are halfway through 2014 which means that you must consider the change in the way that online users are operating. A desktop at home or work is no longer the only way your site can be accessed. Although desktops are of course still in use, mobiles and tablets are today, leading in popularity which is why it is important to ensure that your site is responsive and can produce the best, optimised user experience across all platforms.
  • Unique- The online platform is increasingly competitive which is why it is important that you provide something that will help your website to stand out of the crowd. From your branding to your content, images and pages that specifically talk about your company; be sure that you are selling yourself. From your company origins to the way your products are being made, tell your story but make it unique to allow yourself to stand out of the crowd. Think along the lines of Julie Dean who set up The Cambridge Satchel company from her kitchen; what makes your business so special?

Online shopping is going to continue growing in popularity but so too will the competition. Be sure your eCommerce website is offering the best user experience, providing all that is expected and ticking all the right boxes in order to give it a fighting chance of success.

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