Ecommerce Solutions To Help New Merchants Set Up Their Online Business


The holiday season is fast approaching. New merchants who wish to start selling stuff will need to have their online store set up quickly to catch the holiday crowd. Here are some ecommerce solutions that will help new merchants get things started fast.

Plan These Out First

Make sure you have a business plan. It does not need to be complicated. Figure out what you wish to sell and quickly do your research to see how much in demand those products are in the market. You could use Google’s External Keyword Tool by keying in your product keywords to have a look at what the popular keywords being searched for. Focus on a certain number of products to sell and if this is your first time selling stuff, don’t overload your new store with thousands of products that will overwhelm you at the end of the day. Depending on whether you wish to sell locally or globally, pick the payment processor that best suites your financial needs.

Start Building Your Site

Since there are so many shopping cart providers out in the market, pick a few to set up your trial store. This saves you money as you don’t have to commit anything yet. Choose the service provider that offers you the best value for your dollar in terms of monthly fees and powerful features offered. Setting up your own online store is very easy. Once you sign up for the free trial, start by choosing your store’s template. This is what your store will look like. You should have all your products and information ready to upload to your store. Do a test run with one product first to see if you like the results. If you have quite a number to upload, learn how to have it bulk uploaded as the provider should have the steps detailed out or in video format for you to learn.

Finishing Touches

Once all products are uploaded and you have selected your payment processor, quickly set up your shipping methods. Remember to keep it simple. Run some test runs on your store pretending to be a customer to make sure the calculations are correct for payment and shipping. Remember to put your products on sale and have your online store mobile optimized. This will allow customers to buy directly from their smart phones. Upload your products to Facebook so that customers who wish to buy your stuff from Facebook will find it convenient. Your entire store should be sprinkled with the correct keywords for easier indexing by search engines.


Remember to have some buffer time for your site to be indexed by search engines. Other than that, you’re all set to sell your products for the holiday season. Happy selling!

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