Ecommerce Solutions – Holiday Season Advice For Merchants To Make The Necessary Changes


You already have an online store running. Occasionally you get a few orders from regular customers. And since the holiday sale season is around the corner, you may want to ensure that your ecommerce solutions are configured ready for the holiday online shoppers. Here’s what you may expect coming your way from modern day buyers.

Want More For Less

These days, online consumers are expert in hunting for the best deals around. They are not limited by a local area when they do their online shopping. In fact, they would even search globally to look for the product of their choice since the internet has opened up the global marketplace for them to take advantage of. Now, you will find that online consumers are wanting more for less. They want to look for better deals or value for their money. And they will expect that online stores will be having sales during the holiday season or during any special public holidays. So if you haven’t started offering sales in your online store, better start doing so with your shopping cart to capture the market share.

Looking For Freebies

Another thing that will capture the attention of online shoppers are free gifts. Now since everybody is always looking for free stuff, you might want to offer free gifts to those who purchase above a certain reasonable amount. Another method is to give out gift coupons for certain values like $5 or $10 to those who sign up online with your store. That will encourage them to buy something from you or they could even give those gift coupons away to their family or friends. It’s a great way to encourage people to buy something for their family, friends or themselves during this holiday sale season. And if you post it on your Facebook or Twitter, it will spread quite fast to other online users. The idea is to generate interest and channel traffic to your website for shoppers to have a look and eventually make a purchase.

Offer Variety And Choices

No one likes to come to a store that has only limited choices or a few products. Now by saying that I don’t mean you need to overload your entire store with so many products that you end up overwhelming your customers and yourself. Give thought to what are the items that you are selling on your store. People love to look at colors and beautiful items. Make sure your site is not dull or boring. Your products should be displayed clearly and ensure that your cross-selling feature is turned on and your store is mobile-optimized.


This is just a glimpse of what merchants can expect from online shoppers these days. Hence it is best that they make the necessary preparations to their online store with their current shopping cart software to capture as much market share as possible during the holiday sale season.

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