eBay Has Changed, So Should YOU!


In the golden age of eBay nobody worried much about getting their listings seen. Why? Because you could easily list an item as an auction and getting plenty of bidders. Even items that could be bought at big box stores were selling and sometimes for more money!

All good things come to an end though and slowly the novelty of auctions began to wear off. Really, who wants to wait a week to find out if they won a $10 DVD? Turns out, not many people did. As buyers gravitated to Buy It Now Items, it became increasingly risky to list items as auctions unless they really were rare and one of kind.

Increased competition has meant that it is now more important than ever to get your listings in front of the eyes of buyers. In the past just listing on eBay ensured that it would get views and likely be purchased but now there are many items on eBay that are barely even seen. Many times these are the same items that others are making a living off of selling. How Can you go from the unseen group to the top of eBay heap? There are three main ways to get more visibility on eBay:

  1. Cassini Search is eBay’s new Best Match search algorithm. It takes much more than your title and description into account when determining how you rank. We’ll clearly define how you can start moving up the rankings today.
  2. eBay Social Features. Taking the lead from Facebook, G+ and Twitter, eBay has added social sharing features and collections. Learn how to use these to get more views for your listings.
  3. Building An E-mail List. Once you have a sale make sure to lock them in for future sales. Forget about eBay’s limited E-mail marketing capabilities, get them on your own list you control 100%.

I’ve heard many people say that they’ve given up on eBay because it’s just too hard to make it work now. Those people don’t understand that the game has changed and that they must change with it. That’s good news for the rest of us though as it means less competition for those that stick with it and try to create a real business online. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read through this guide. I guarantee that I won’t waste your time with superfluous or outdated tactics just what is working right now on eBay.

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