eBay – Do’s and Dont’s


eBay is one of the most highly visited websites by consumers. eBay and Amazon are known to be the main giants when it comes to buying and selling online. It has made things quite easy for almost everyone. By just a click of a button on the web a product can be ordered.

Also the act of auctioning is also one of a kind on eBay. It is quite interesting to know that a lot of people are ready to buy a product even though it is not the best product on the market or it is secondhand.

Goods sold on eBay are mostly secondhand but are of good quality. It is a well-known fact that some people collect old artifact and products to keep in their homes. eBay is known to provide such services.

Is eBay a safe market place? According to most internet marketers and online shoppers, it has been said that eBay is one of the safest place to buy and sell online. But as any site there are still fraudulent acts which goes on but this constitutes a small percentage when compared to the genuine form of transactions which take place.

To be sure not to fall a victim of a fraud in eBay there are certain good guidelines which must be followed by anyone who wants to buy online.

First, a buyer should check the feedback of the seller. eBay has a system in which buyers can give sellers feedback after a buyer has received his or her goods. A seller who has a good feedback is one you can trust. Such sellers have a good reputation and a person can be assured of receiving his or her product.

Second, do not buy expensive products from new sellers. Most fraudulent acts are always committed by new sellers who advertise expensive but good products. After a buyer pays for the product, the seller deletes his or her account which is quite unfortunate for any buyer. To be sure not to fall a victim a person should consider buying the same product from another seller who has good and positive feedback.

Also a person should never send cash or money order to the seller. These services do not guarantee against fraud. PayPal is known to be one of the efficient ways of paying on eBay. PayPal also has a guarantee for buyers and it is easy for a buyer to receive their money back without a lot of problem.

Another prevalent problem is accessing the buyer login in a cafe or an open wireless source. A person can easily intercept and record the password and credit card numbers quite easily. This kind of attack is normally called the Evil Twin attack. A person should be careful when accessing his or her eBay account in a public space. Wireless internet is free but it is costly when a person steals a user’s email address and credit card information. Since there is not guarantee it is better to access eBay logins in a secure and monitored area.

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