Easy Ways to Start an Effective Email Campaign


If you have been using email marketing as one of the many ways to market your product or service, you’ve no doubt created an email campaign.

Email campaigns are nothing more than setting up a sequence or campaign that promotes your product or service for you, even when you are not actively doing it yourself. Think of it as a strategic method of setting yourself or product or service up and tactfully shouting your message out.

Email campaigns can be a very profitable way of communicating with your customers if done effectively.

Here are some easy ways to start and prosper with email campaigns:

First, understand that to be effective, you have to elicit a response from your customers. Whether it’s to buy your product, enroll in your service or refer you other customers – there has to be an end goal in mind. As easy as it sounds, this is where many campaigns fall short. So start with outlining what it is you want to accomplish with your email campaign.

Second, you have to be consistent. There is a saying that is takes people seeing your message 7 times before they will do anything about it. Seven times! So, don’t give up after 3 messages with no response. Campaigns are not races, they are more like parades – just join in and keep going.

Third, crafting compelling email messages is essential. It makes sense that if email is our prime medium for communicating with our clients and customers, then it has to be well versed. The best way to creating compelling email messages to make an outline. Outline the whole campaign start to finish. Message one tells this story, message 2 gives this example, and so on. An outline is a real time saver when it comes to email marketing, particularly since you only have that particular email to entice them to take action.

Fourth, be personable. This step often gets neglected as we become so focused on being professional. But some of the greatest campaigns I have done are because I let my personality shine through. Either I’ve told them a story about me or given an example of how this product helped me or even offered them a special bonus just for responding to a question or survey.

An email message only has a very limited window of opportunity to catch your reader and make them take action. To accomplish this, you have to be a bright light in their day. As they are going through their messages, yours should speak to them to make them eager to open it to see what you have to say.

Using these email campaign strategies will transform your messages – getting them opened and clicked on every time.

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