Easy Email Marketing Techniques To Increase Your Traffic


Email marketing is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to spread the word about a product or service. For the most part, marketing with this method doesn’t cost anything except time. When done right, it can have a positive effect on the amount of traffic a website has. If a person is looking to develop a successful email marketing campaign then there are some key things they will need to do to get results and increase website traffic.

Develop An Eye-Catching Subject Line

Coming up with an eye-catching subject line is imperative to a successful email campaign. The first step in seeing results is getting the recipient to open the mail. A good subject line will be specific and identifies the sender. It’s a good idea for a person to always start their subject line with the same word or phrase to help with identification. This could mean always starting with the company name or it could mean always starting with the same phrase such as “Smart Buyers”. Also, always be specific about what the email will entail. Include words like “newsletter”, “two-day sale” or “update”. This let’s the recipient know exactly what they can expect to read about.

Address Recipients By Name

Addressing email recipients by their name personalizes the message. Some people get a large amount of emails throughout the day. Addressing them by their name separates your mail from all the others. Readers are made to feel like they are a person instead of just a number when their name is used.

Avoid Over-Usage of Exclamation Points

A big mistake that many email marketers make is using the exclamation point too much. Some people think that this is a way to grab readers’ attention when in fact it can be a turn off and be an indication that the reader is dealing with an amateur marketer. Make use of words to grab the attention of readers. This comes off as sounding and looking more professional than using three or four exclamation points in a row.

Have An Obvious Call To Action

It’s important to tell readers what they should do after reading the email. Whether they need to make a phone call, visit a website or come in to a store, the email should have an obvious call to action. To increase traffic, it’s a good idea to include links with phrases such as “click here” or “get started now” in order to move recipients to take action. Never assume that readers will visit a site on their own.

With email marketing it’s important to remember to make recipients feel like the message was created just for them. Always outline what a product or service can do for them and use words to get attention. As with any other form of marketing, testing is important. Find out what works well and what gets minimal results. There are email marketing tools that show when an email is opened and how often. This is a good way to test whether or not a subject line is effective. Always monitor site traffic during a campaign to determine whether or not it’s a successful one.

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