E-Tail Will Be Booming in 2012


There are a lot of exciting things happening to eTail 2012. Part of this includes the launching of new products and solutions for e-Tail 2012 advertising, network applications and online consumer hyperconnectivity. Shopper hyperconnectivity includes QR codes for mobile application programming, store maps, product coupons and delivery system through the internet.

Mobile users can be a crucial component to e-Tailing as these users have high level demands with the expectation of a response time that is 3 seconds or less. The reality is that in the eTail 2012 industry, response times are at about 8-10 seconds. Part of the reason for this is the fact that mobile networks were not initially set up with the internet in mind, so today companies are having to find technological way to overcome these shortcomings. Additionally, if your customer is using their desktop to peruse your website there is still an expectations about page loading speed.

There is also growing real concern regarding the protection of a e-Tailing sites against invaders. Hacking attacks on e-Tailing websites have increased to an almost unbelievable 3500% between 2009 and 2011. This has cost businesses in reTail 2012 hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in downtime. E-Tail owners need to know what can go wrong, and about all the technology tools they need to protect and prepare for a hacker attack.

There are a few things to know about your e-Tail 2012 customers, so you can protect yourself and provide them with the fastest sites. Know how many are local or international visitors, when your peak viewing times are and know exactly what type of media you should have on your site for optimum sales and interaction. Different features will load differently on differently pages of your site. What will you need exactly on your site? For example, user reviews, images, video, lots of text content or perhaps a combination of these media features are the best for your site.

Consider third party tags. Find out if they are slowing down the loading times. If they are then, turn them off. You may not want to shut them off for good because you’ll lose your tracking data, but it’ll tell you if the tags are contributing to the slow down. Consider streamlining the page code or shrinking the JavaScript. The downloading of numerous small scripts takes the page much longer to load than having one long script.

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