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The ultimate goal of Internet marketing is to make money by selling something. In order to make money, you need to convert potential customers into e-mail list members for future business and finally, customers.

A very simple way of making it easy for a customer to go to your squeeze page or website is to include an e-mail signature at the bottom of your e-mail messages. Most people, like you and me send out a great deal of messages every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to maximize the real estate of an e-mail message to advertise?

It is Internet Marketing so, subtly market every chance you get. Personally, I do it all the time and have found it to be effective for driving people to my blog where there are a number of product giveaways as well as products for sale. Once I installed my e-mail signature, traffic slowly grew. I use Outlook Express as well as Gmail for my different e-mail addresses. I have found that with Outlook Express I can create an HTML signature quite simply. Gmail only allows text signatures for some reason.

Go to Settings/Signatures and the rest is very straight forward. If you would like to insert a logo, you can use one that you already have or you can have one made for you by an outsourcer from eLance for example. You can get this done very inexpensively. Personally, I just use a reduced size header from my blog.

The key for your signature is to make sure that there is a link to your squeeze page or website present. Otherwise, you are not marketing and the customer has to work to find you. Customers should never have to work to locate you. Never make a potential customer work to locate you.

Consider customers like lazy people. They really are not, but want to be pampered a little. So, make it easy for them and you will be rewarded. Think of it this way. You open the Yellow Pages and find a listing that is interesting to you and you would possibly like to do business with that company. What will you do if the telephone number is not there? You will probably find another listing. Once you realize that your potential customers today are very busy and cannot wait for many things, you will understand that they will just find the path of least resistance and then they’re gone. Forever.

Maximize your exposure and make contact with you simple. You will prosper from this very simple idea.

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