E-Mail Marketing: Will It Work for You?


The use of the World Wide Web does not only apply to people who would like to keep in touch through the networking sites and other channels available in it. Also to emphasize, it is not the only reason why it is set up. The primary purpose of the World Wide Web is to be able to communicate information, in general.

Individuals saw the potential of the system and there are those that tried to fragment the possible uses of it. Of course social networking was devised, instant messaging, search engines and many others. Currently, people are more focused on “How will I make money online?” Exactly the question that entrepreneurs asked themselves each they think of income generating mechanisms.

E-commerce is a widely used method in selling or buying products or services via the internet or any other electronic networks. This involves the creation of the web site that will be used as the tool that the customers can use specific to their need based on what the business is offering.

Let’s talk about these customers. Before they were termed as customers, clients, patrons… literally there was just the business and nothing else. This material will talk about how you can get to potential clients, E-mail marketing.

E-mail Marketing is a direct marketing strategy that utilizes electronic mail systems to send business related information in hope that the lead- potential client or even a current customer will be interested regarding what is being offered.

How is e-mail marketing done? This is pretty basic. An e-mail gets sent to the lead or current client but what defines this process is the purpose why you are sending the e-mail. Few of the reasons are listed below:
• For Customer Loyalty.
– An e-mail correspondence of appreciation is end to the current customer.
• For Information.
– An e-mail is sent to the current customer or lead advising of any promotion that they may be interested in taking advantage of.
– This may help accomplish acquiring new clients.
• For Advertisement.
– Another company sends an e-mail to their clients and their e-mail message contains an advertisement pertaining to what you company is offering.

This type of marketing strategy assumes that the lead or current customer wants to receive the notification. With a lot of people opting into an all-online lifestyle it is likely to receive numerous responses that are positive pertaining to agreeing with getting subscribed or just opting in to whatever service or product that is being offered. Also to emphasize that with the strongest economy in the world (USA) it is estimated that half of its population checks their e-mail account at least once in a day.

Note: E-mail marketing is not illegal but it is crucial to be familiar with governing laws pertaining to SPAM and other related laws to avoid any violations and other potential legal issues. Additionally, this marketing strategy will need an affirmative response before taking any actions in subscribing the lead or customer as it may result to an unauthorized sale or worse fraud.

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