E-Mail Marketing For The Common Folk – 7 Rules Anyone Can Use To Become a Better E-Mail Marketer


E-Mail Marketing.

It’s all about being Human. Knowing that the target audience for your goods or services are People. Folks just like you. With hopes and dreams and curiosities and problems.The more you know about them the easier it to talk to them on their level. Maybe help them with their hopes and dreams,satisfy their curiosities, and supply solutions for their problems.

First Rule Of E-Mail Marketing Is To Not Follow Rules.

What works for one dose not work for all. YOU must find your own way.

Second Rule Of E-Mail Marketing Is Be Different.

The difference between having your E-Mail opened or trashed is – Difference. What makes you stand out? What can you do to be remembered? Remember to always be yourself. Make sure your personality come through when you write. Also stay in touch often, do not let them forget you once they start getting to know you, This along with the fact that you know the folks your marketing to and care about their concerns, will get you way ahead on the right path.

Third Rule Of E-Mail Marketing Is Keep It Fresh.

Never ride on your laurels. Keep studying. Know what your people need and want NOW. Then do your best to get it to them NOW.

Fourth Rule Of E-Mail Marketing Is Know What You Want

Why are you doing this again? To Build Your Brand? To be remembered? To Help Your Fellow Man? SURE! All of that and more. But of course what it all comes down to is that you want to provide your subscribers with the products they need and want when they need and want them.Quite simply THAT’S where the Money is and that’s what you want. Right?

Fifth Rule Of E-Mail Marketing Is Know What’s Working.

Study, test, track, improve. Without tracking and testing your flying blind.

Sixth Rule Of E-Mail Marketing Is Keep the Flow Going.

Make sure you spend the time to get new folks on your list. The 80/20 rule says eighty percent of your marketing efforts should be going toward adding new subscribers to your list. Twenty percent goes to figuring out what they need and want and presenting it to them in a fashion they can appreciate.

Seventh Rule Of E-Mail Marketing Is Keep Practicing Your Copyrighting.

Do yourself a huge favor and learn all you can about the art of copyrighting. Learning to write good copy is probably the most important skill you can possess. You could have the whole world on your list but if you can’t communicate to them in a way they understand and appreciate, you’ll still be a voice in the wilderness. Study your market, know your audience, practice your copyrighting.

Well That’s it for Now.

Get out there spread the word, build your list and become the world class E-Mail Marketer you know you can be. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family. You owe it to your subscribers.

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