E-Commerce Theme Design And Development


As you can probably imagine E-commerce website design is not as simple as designing your standard business or personal website. Where a standard website only holds the information that a potential customer or reader might be looking for, an e-Commerce website holds all of your company’s products or services and is actually a major part of making successful transactions on the internet. For that reason not only is the E-Commerce theme design important, so is the e-Commerce website development.

E-commerce theme design and development

The use of a company theme is a great way to design your e-Commerce website and a great example of this is having a clothe shop with clothes models incorporated to the design. Remember that when people search for the products they are looking for it is often a much targeted search. It is said that the first 13 seconds of a website is all it takes for a visitor to decide if they are going to stay on the website or not. Having a themed design will allow your potential customers to instantly see that your website is about the product that they are looking for and can help to increase the amount of sales.

Although a lot of home website designers forget it, e-Commerce website development is actually just as important as the design itself. Remember that just as previously mentioned, whilst the website does need a good design like any business website the website needs a lot of extra functionality to allow customers to use it efficiently.

Your e-Commerce website development should start with the basic website and most of the extra functionality can be added over the top. You are going to have to design and develop the website so that it can handle a database with possibly thousands of products in it, where each product then has a page automatically derived from it. This system can easily be implemented with the use of popular content managements systems and then you are going to need a search function.

The search function is a very important part of an e-Commerce website as a lot of the time returning customers are going to want to search by category or brand and see the products that they are interested in. After an effective search function has been added to the site, the next part of your E-commerce theme design and development is going to be based around the shopping cart.

The shopping cart will be used to store the customer’s order before they check out. The design is often very basic as it will simply list the products they have chosen however in terms of development; the cart needs to be able to calculate the overall cost of the products in the cart. Following the shopping cart you are going to need some sort of payment system that allows the customer to pay for the order whilst on the internet. These are often other party systems offered by the likes of PayPal and are fairly easy to implement.

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