Drive More Successful Online Business Through Ecommerce Website Design


Due to the revolution created by internet, now consumers can reach out for a wide variety of products in the web. Ecommerce site design enables you to add your entire product catalogue and include images, product descriptions, prices and other details. People can place orders for the product just by few clicks of the mouse. For business or individuals that want to sell products online an ecommerce website is necessary. Ecommerce websites are designed in order to convert the maximum number of people from the targeted audiences.

How will your ecommerce website generate revenues?

As a part of ecommerce development, a potentially successfully website needs to be easy to browse which requires a well built structure so that customers need to be able to find the goods without getting frustrated with your website, the people around the globe are more attracted towards this virtual world where there are no limits to their game of business. There are many people making enormous money through ecommerce, the online retail stores offer a wide range of products to their international customers. It has increased a healthy competition in a way that both the customers and the providers are benefiting the most.

Ecommerce website development also includes sales boosting techniques such as email marketing and pay per click, a professional designed ecommerce website utilizes several advances internet marketing techniques to achieve good online presence or higher search engine rankings.

Tips and tricks for an effective ecommerce website:

Fight for simplicity: Make an ecommerce website that holds the promise of making customers lives easier and enjoyable.

Product photos: particularly for physical goods such as gadgets, apparel, home goods.

Be transparent: It’s important to make clear from the outset what value you’re providing to customers. Why should they purchase anything from your website? Do you offer low prices? Fast shipments? Ease of use? Etc.

Accessibility: Websites must provide multiple ways to navigate because customers look for products in many different ways.

Convenience: Drive more sales by providing personalized recommendations specially tailored to their individual interest and needs. Keep the customer informed about the status of their order before they ask.

Provide options:Customers love to be able to search vast stores of information, see many clean product detail age that provide thorough descriptions, and compare products, so that they can make more educated decisions about the product and the service they need.

Think like a consumer: Keep customers focused on their tasks so that they don’t become distracted when they go through the quick-flow checkout process.

Advanced features: Add options such as gift vouchers, gift wrapping, personalized notes and the option of sending items to multiple destinations.

User friendly: It’s a good idea to create a site that supports as many computing platforms as possible so that customers can act on their impulses whenever and wherever they are.

Make payment processing easy: Online shoppers need a way to give you money online. You can accept credit card payments with either a PayPal account or an online merchant account. Many people have a bad experience with PayPal, so prefer to use alternate simpler payment methods.

Market your site once it’s live: Make an effort to market and promote your website to new and existing customers. Collect an email address, but never leave unanswered emails for more than 48hours. Get the most web un-savvy person you know to test your site.

Build trust: Provide information about all the costs involved with a purchase early in the shopping, experience will build trust.

3p’s: Product name, price and purchase link should all be visible without having to scroll.

Know your visitors: If significantly more people are first-time-buyers, don’t hit them with a login screen with a small link to register the site, reverse the process.

Ship fast: preferably the same day and you are sure to get mails for appreciation.

Advertising: If using paid advertising, don’t send them to your home page send them to the relevant product page that is tied to the keyword you advertised.

Product rating: Use a product rating feed or create your own system, a place for user-generated comments be great, but it can also be a hassle.

Guarantee: Offer a really strong guarantee on really strong products. Don’t make under-promise and over-deliver.

No funky fonts: Make the font on your product copy readable.

Consistency: Everyone has different flavor, color and even brand, but key is to be consistent.

Appending URL: If you use sessions, store them in a database, don’t append them to URL, as people like the look of clean URL’s and often snip them to mail to friends to refer them to a particular product to purchase.

Safety: Signup for hacker safe and your related trade associations and display their logos to improve credibility.

Responsibility: Have a person answer the phone instead of recording.

Electronic ecommerce is also impacting business to business interactions. It facilitates the network form of an organization where small flexible firms rely on other partner for component supplies and product distribution to meet changing customer demand more effectively. It is facilitating an organizational model that is fundamentally different from others. We may achieve greater economic efficiency and more rapid exchange with the help of electronic commerce. The prime advantage of ecommerce is that you can find, compare price, and bid the product you are looking for at the ease of your living.

Above all ecommerce software enhance a user friendly interface for the customers. We need not maintain the records or any paper documents related to business transaction. It is a powerful tool for increasing the business sales. Simplicity and the demonstration of safety are the two basic measures that will go a long way for attracting new users and retaining them in the future.

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